All About Ko Moon-Yong from its okay not to be okay

All About Ko Moon-Yong from its okay not to be okay

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All About Ko Moon-Yong from its okay not to be okay

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Who is Ko Mun Yeong?

The K-drama movies are mostly the vessels that share South Koreans’ stories on their cultural and historical values. The Korean drama and its closest leading companion, Korean pop music, enjoy unparalleled success and appreciation across the world. Through this, we have seen the rise of major celebrities such Ko Mun Yeong; the its okay not to be okay star. She took a defined character position and made it increasingly entertaining to watch. She is a great character who shares and expresses herself through fashion.

This drama isn’t among our Top 7 Korean Medical Dramas simply because it isn’t exactly a medical drama but a series that has a little bit of medical theme.

And so today in this article, we will discuss several interesting things you should know about Ko Moon-Young from Psycho But it’s okay kdrama.

Let’s get started.

Ko Mun Yeong in its okay not to beokay
Ko Mun-Yeong

So, let’s start by answering the question, “Who is Ko Mun Yeong?”

Well, Ko Mun Yeong is one of the leading stars in the popular Korean TV series it’s okay not to be okay. In this drama, she plays as an author of a children’s book, a character with antisocial personality disorder, and Seo Ye-Ji plays the Ko moon Yeong role.

Interestingly, Ko Mun-Yeong’s story starts when she meets a health worker in a psychiatric hospital, Moon Gang-tae (played by Kim Soo-Hyun).

With that said, here are some of the interesting things to take note of about Ko Moon-Yong:

1. She portrays a bold character by confidently confessing and seducing Gang-tae.

Ko Mun Yeong
Ko Mun Yeong Confessing Gang-tae her love in Ep04

By watching this drama, you will definitely notice that too much was put into creating her character. First of all, you will notice that she is a pursuer. Unlike in many other Korean dramas, this drama features the direct reversal in gender posting, especially in her character.

Ko Mun-Yeong doesn’t shy away from confessing her love to Gang-tae, and to make it even better, she seduces him. She is unapologetically resilient, just like the Hotel Del Luna star Jang Man-wol (played by IU). Nowadays, movies are moving away from just creating the dominant male characters alone but also creating very massive versions of what strong female characters should be like.

Ko Mun Yeong and Moon Gang Tae
Ko Mun Yeong and Moon Gang Tae

By having a closer look at Ko Mun-Yeong’s character, you can notice some vulnerabilities included. Ideally, she looks bold on the outside but, on the inside, she is vulnerable due to her past traumatic experiences. The inclusion of vulnerability is mainly ideal for boosting their male counterpart, creating a road to emotional healing and a healthy dramatical experience for viewers. Furthermore, both Jang Man-wol and Mun-Yeong have foregone their femininity to boost the strength of their character. This, therefore, help them come out strong, thus raising the performance of the tv series.

Overall, the ko mun yeong relationship with Gang-Tae shows how ko munyeong is a bold character.

2. She steals the show superbly (a stand out star)

Ko Mun Yeong
Ko Mun Yeong Incredible fashion sense

Ko moon-Yong character arc is unpredictable and exciting, thus making the show very enjoyable to watch and follow. She is a unique character, same as Jang Man-wol (from Hotel Del Luna), fearless in the face of blatant harassment and does things that women are taught not to do. Through this, their characters show different dimensions of their stories, making them quite enjoyable to follow.

In the it’s okay to not be okay drama, Seo portrays another dominant character that stands out from the rest. Of course, she is truly gorgeous, but her commanding presence, accompanied by her uniquely sexy voice, makes her a star to watch.  

Furthermore, the incredible ko Mun Yeong outfits had huge impressions on viewers, making her one of the most fashionable Korean actresses. Seo’s fashion sense never fails, from the cropped top and a flared skirt to ruffled couture dresses and knee-high boots.

Mun-Yeong In pink cropped outfits
Mun-Yeong In pink cropped outfits

 she flawlessly wore that pink cropped blazer and skirt is one of the iconic and unforgettable moments. She is blessed with a 22-inch waist which adds up to her ability to stand out naturally. She is actually the favorite fashion girl for most kdrama fans, thanks to her incredible fashion sense.

Overall, I will introduce information about sites where you can buy this type of Korean drama fashion.

3. Seo Ye Ji was perfect for Ko Mun-Yeong role

According to the director of this series, the role of Ko Mun-Yeong was a tougher one that needed an individual that could fit perfectly this complex character. And so, when she saw Seo Ye-Ji, she felt that she was a perfect one for this role. She was a qualified actress that could show multi-faceted character like this.

In general, the Ko Mun Yeong character didn’t come out as likable as many others. Due to her antisocial personality disorder, she came across as an arrogant, cold, and self-centered individual. Therefore, replicating these ideas on screen was essential for that role’s success, and luckily Ye Ji was a perfect fit.

4. Ko Mun Yeong protect herself by dressing up (Expressive)

Ko Mun Yeong outfits
Ko Mun Yeong dressing style

When it comes to who has a fabulous wardrobe, then Kom Mun Young and Jang Man Wol lead the way among the female lead in the kdrama entertainment industry. In fact, they are mostly the most compared actresses by viewers due to their incredible fashion sense.

Mun-Yeong rocks some bold fashion looks and dramatic outfits not just for the show or being fashionable but also for protection. She does it “to prevent others from coming too close to her,” says Ye Ji during the Psycho but it’s okay press conference.

Besides, she is a person who likes to be well expressive through what she wears. Ideally, she is a beautiful psycho. But what is he expressing? Well, Seo explains Ko Mun’s characters that “Her sense of obsession is like a sword, where it hurts both herself and the people around her. I felt like she had more stories to tell.” 

She added at HallyuSG that “It (outfits) is something she puts on to defend herself.” And through her striking self-confidence and intimidating appearance, the actress masks past pain and struggles. Ko Moon-young’s fashion is, therefore, by far the most exhilarating fashion style in this series.

5. Ko Mun Yeong’s charismatic characters that fluttered Gang Tae

Mun yeong
Mun Yeong flattering with Gang tae

It is no secret that Ye Ji is a captivating character not only to us viewers but also her acting colleagues.

In an interview with Psycho but it’s okay cast, Kim Soo Hyun was asked which line from Seo made his heart flatter the most. In episode two, Kim revealed that “when Mun Yeong took off Gang Tae’s cap and said to him, ‘Don’t wear a hat. I can’t see your pretty face.’” This simple line did actually make Kim’s heart skip a beat showing the alluring nature of Mun Yeong.

6. She is a dynamic actress

Seo ye ji
Seo ye ji

“I think I’m the type of person who lives my life by matching the character [I’m playing],” says Mun Yeong. As noted earlier, she was the perfect fit for this great piece of drama quite shows how her dynamic acting abilities are compared to other shows she has featured in. To play her character role well, she immerses herself into her character’s personal life by evolving her acting techniques.

To clearly depict her dynamic acting abilities, you can compare this show with the 2018 role of Ha Jae-yi in Lawless Lawyer. Her performance was awe-inspiring in that tv-series too.

With all that said, let’s know other interesting facts about ko Mun Yeong actress.

Are the characters mentally okay? (Munyeong and her Mother)

First, is Ko Mun-Yeong a psychopath?

Seo Ye-Ji
Seo Ye-Ji

No, she isn’t a psychopath.

In this TV series, Ko Mun Yeong is diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). This role helps show the real-life traits of an individual diagnosed with ASPD. Ideally, there is always inaccurate stigmatization of individuals with this condition to be psychopaths, but this movie helps portray it accurately.

Secondly, who is Ko Mun Yeong’s Mother? and is she a psychopath too?

Ko Mun Yeong Mother
Ko Mun Yeong Mother

In the midst of it’s okay not to be okay watch online series, we are introduced to a plot twist concerning Mun-Yeong’s mother being alive. Her mother is non-other than Park Haeng Ja (Jang Young Nam), the OK Psychiatric Hospital’s head nurse.

Mun Yeong’s father, however, after a hard-hitting battle with a debilitating brain tumor, passes away. This happened after her father realized that her wife Park Haeng Ja had killed their housekeeper, who happened to be Gang and Sang Tae’s mom. Therefore, this news made him accidentally fall to her death, with Mun-Yeong witnessing all this.

conclusively, there are dramas dealing with such mental problems’ and link it to ‘top 7 Korean medical dramas

What phone does Ko Mun Yeong have?

Mun Yeong Phone on It's Ok To Not Be Ok
Mun Yeong Phone on It's Ok To Not Be Ok

From surprising turns of events to incredible fashion and nourishing on-screen chemistry, “its okay not to be okay” kdrama has it all. This Kdrama tv series has taken fans by storm, and it is no secret why some of us may wonder what type of accessories and even gadgets are being used by our favorite actors and actresses in this beautiful piece of drama.  

So, Seo Ye Ji plays the role of Ko Mun Yeong, and in episode 5 of this series, she appears to be using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone. In this episode, you can see her talking with Kim Soo Hyun (Gang Tae), discussing Gang-Tae’s brother and the cursed castle.

Notably, this smartphone goes hand in hand with his expensive taste of luxury and kdrama fashion, which complements her role and the elegant lifestyle of Mun-Yeong.  

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