8 Best Hotel del Luna Quotes and Life Lessons Learnt

8 Best Hotel del Luna Quotes and Life Lessons Learnt

Life lessons from hotel del Luna

8 Best Hotel del Luna Quotes and Life Lessons Learnt

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Hotel Del Luna is one of the thrilling South Korean drama, and today in this post, I will share some of the incredible life lessons from Hotel Del Luna Quotes.

But first, have you ever wondered about life after death? What if you are given a second opportunity to atone for your sins after death? Or what if you can leave your ill feelings behind, move on to the afterlife, and be reincarnated as a new living soul? What if, what if, what if…

There are so many questions about life after death that we just cannot answer. While many people prefer not to talk about death under any circumstances, many more are intrigued by the subject. The spirit realm is a mysterious, scary, and strange world art and drama often used to make people comfortable talking about it.

Before we dive into Hotel del Luna quotes and life lessons, let’s discuss a bit about the plot and characters involved.

main cast
Leading Cast in Hotel del Luna

Hotel del Luna is all about the supernatural and paranormal. It is about a hotel located in the town of Myeong-dong in Seoul, South Korea. This hotel, also known as “Guest House of the Moon for the Dead,” is home to spirits with a grudge to bear. Ghosts with unfinished business linger on at this hotel until they are ready to move on to the afterlife. Therefore, in Hotel del Luna TV series, the limitless possibilities of the afterlife are explored. This dark fantasy and romantic comedy make light work of life and death. The show brings up the forbidden topics of ghosts, spirits, ghouls, and deities, but in a light-hearted way.

The main cast in this south Korean TV series are:

Lee Ji-eun (IU) as Jang Man-wol who is the moody owner of Hotel del Luna

Yeo Jin-goo as Gu Chan-sung who is a Hotel del Luna’s general manager

Now you know what the drama is about as well as the leading cast; what are some of the top life lessons from the Hotel del Luna quotes that you should know?

Life Lessons from Hotel del Luna Quotes

It is not difficult to see why fans worldwide are completely in love with this K-TV series and end up binging on every one of the Hotel del Luna episodes. Apart from the obvious entertainment value, this series also offers many invaluable life lessons.

Jang Man-wol (IU) Hotel del Luna Quotes;

Iu Hotel del luna
IU in Hotel del luna

1. This quote is from Jang Man-wol in Episode 1;

“…why is it that humans never think about their wrongs and only blame others?

When you think hard about this quote, you will begin to see the truth in this bizarre question. As human beings, we tend to spend more time blaming others for our own misgivings. Maybe we should be humbler and accept that as human beings, we are not perfect but prone to making errors. Rather than blaming others, we should learn to accept blame for our own mistakes.

Additionally, the human brain cannot comprehend negativity more so when it comes to criticizing themselves. So, it is essential to note that human is to error and accept our wrongs when we do it because it sometimes earns us respect. People will see that you’re ready to take responsibility for your mistakes which is a good sign of a responsible person.

2. This is another quote from Jang Man-wol from Episode 2 of Hotel del Luna;

IU's hotel del luna quote
IU's quote in hotel del luna

“I envy trees. They don’t have to wander around. It must be nice to just put down roots and settle down.”

In this quote, Jang Man-wol (Lee Ji-Eun) stated how nice it would be to stop being a wandering ghost and finally move on to the afterlife. The life lesson to learn here is that, at times, it is better just to take a moment to settle down and take stock of your life. Furthermore, there are lots of benefits to settling down and working on your life and future.

In fact this is one of best metaphorical Hotel del Luna quotes that we mange to include in this list.

3. In Episode 3, Jang Man-wol states that…

“I’m neither alive nor dead i’m just stuck. I’m confined in a time zone that can’t ever be turned back.”

Imagine being in perpetual limbo. This is what Jang Man-wol was suggesting in this quote. What I can say about this quote as it relates to real-life events is that we should try as much as possible to stay on the right path in life. Life is what we make it, so why don’t we make it a good one?!

Mago’s (Seo Yi-sook) Hotel Del Luna Quotes

Seo Yi Sook hotel del luna quotes
Seo Yi Sook (Mago)

4. The deity known as Mago made this statement when talking to Jang Man-wol in Episode 5;

“You need to make a bigger decision to let go than to hold on.”

Sometimes the biggest decision we have to make in life is one we are not prepared to take. For example, when you have been fighting with your lover for a while, and you keep holding on instead of letting her go. Also, investing your time in things that don’t seem to bear fruits with the hope that they might. The fact is, knowing the difference between when to hold on or let go is an essential factor that will save you time and energy.

5. In Episode 6, Mago stated that;

“Love can be one’s remedy and poison.”

This is truly a philosophical quote. While love is a great thing to have, it can also be disastrous in some cases. We should learn not to be blinded by love, but instead, we should use our heads as well as hearts when making decisions. Because it is important to note that note everything you do in the name of love is right. And if you aren’t careful, love can make your life miserable.

Seo yi sook love quote in hotel del luna
Seo yi sook powerful love quote

6. Below is a quote from Mago in Episode 14. He was speaking to Jang Man-wol.

“You have fed the hatred of yours for a long time. Why don’t you let go of your hatred with your love which took ages to reach you?”

This is a powerful message that love conquers all. No matter what you may be going through, the love of your family and friends can be very helpful. You only need to open your heart to receive this love. You need to replace all your feelings of anger and hate with love; only then can you find true happiness. And a fan fact is time heals wound, and so do love. So, please let go of the hatred and let love restore your lost gleam that actually defines who you are.

Gu Chang-sung Hotel Del Luna Quotes

Yeo Jin-goo
Yeo Jin-goo (Gu Chang-sung)

7. Gu Chang-sung also had some intriguing quotes. In Episode 5, he said this;

“I’ll become your last customer because I like you.”

This was a quote from Gu Chang-sung when he was speaking with Jang Man-wol. He was expressing his love for the owner of Hotel del Luna. In relating this quote to life, I guess it is everyone’s dream to find their kindred spirit. To find someone they would like to spend the rest of their life with. This powerful quote can also be applied n relationships; would you like to be their only one and true love?

They always say fall in love with a trues friend that you like and know because that is the only person that can understand you better. If you fall in love with such a person, they already know the most about you and your flaws, and if they like and appreciate that, then they really like you.

Overall, this is what I can say is one of my best of several canny Hotel del Luna quotes.

8. Another Gu Chang-sung quote is taken from Episode 7 when he was chatting with Jang Man-wol.

“It seems like you already stole what you were here for.” 

Gu Chang-sung was letting Jang Man-wol know that she had won his heart. This was a nice quote and one that tells us to hold on tight to what we love.

Yeo jin goo hotel del luna quote
Yeo jin goo quote

Enjoy Hotel del Luna Original Soundtrack (OST):

At the end of watching Hotel del Luna season 2, I strongly advise that you take time out to enjoy the award-winning Hotel del Luna Ost. In the 21st Mnet Asian Music Awards, the song titled “Remember Me” by Gummy won the Best Melon Music Awards.

“Remember Me” also won Best OST at the 2020 34th Golden Disc Awards. At the 29th Seoul Music Awards, the song by Taeyeon titled “All About You” won the OST Award. If you are yet to watch Hotel del Luna on Netflix, you are advised to sit back, relax, get out your popcorn and soda for a thrill of a lifetime.


Hotel del luna now on Netflix
Hotel del luna now on Netflix

But while Lee Ji-Eun and Yeo Jin-goo Hotel del Luna is an entertaining watch, the most important part of this K-TV series are the life lessons to be learned. Love is the key lesson here and what really drives the story to a logical end. You can watch Hotel del Luna today by streaming from an online TV and online movie streaming platforms like Netflix.

The synopsis of this South Korean TV series was highlighted in this Hotel del Luna review. In this post, you also got to know the main cast and the quotes they shared through the show. So, what are some of the top 8 life lessons from Hotel del Luna quotes did you like. Please let us know in the comments section below.

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