12 best fantasy k dramas on netflix for your watch list

12 best fantasy k dramas on netflix for your watch list

Best fantasy romance kdrama

12 best fantasy k dramas on netflix for your watch list

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Best fantasy romance kdrama

Fantasy korean drama list

Binge-watching k-dramas are the best way of passing your time. To refresh your mood, you can just start watching a drama and you won’t even know how the time passed. These from the top best fantasy k dramas on netflix  hold the most crucial part in the kdrama domain. There is various innovative content to watch in the netflix korean drama 2022 domain. However, if you are confused to choose the right k-drama according to your mood then we can help you. 

If you are a K-drama lover then you are on the right page! Here, you will get a list of some fascinatingly best fantasy korean drama list that will fuel up your addiction. But if you have not seen any K-dramas till now and wonder what all the buzz is about, then, again, you are on the right page because you can choose any of these kdramas to watch why we are in love with them!

So, here you go!

1- Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

goblin, one of the best fantasy k dramas on netflix

Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) is a refreshing story covered in 16 episodes that run around the new-age Goblin which means protector of the souls. He is in search of a human bride so that he can end his curse of immortal life. But when he finds the one, it is then he realizes that he does not want to die. This K-drama on netflix will make you laugh and cry with a heartwarming plot. The drama revolves around the interaction of two different worlds. The drama has a very wholesome vibe. The chemistry between the main leads is also very alluring.

2- My Love From the Star

my love from the star Korean drama, you who came from the stars kdrama

This show on netflix revolves around a century-old story of an alien who has supernatural power. He is stuck on earth and is working as a university professor. While he strives to find a way back home, he changes his mind when he falls in love with a renowned actress. An ideal combination of romance and melodrama in 21 episodes, this sci-fi love story shows great chemistry between the leads. The track of the drama is very different from normal plots. The supernatural phenomenon of the drama makes it refreshing to watch. This is one of the best fantasy romance kdrama!

3- Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna k-drama, korean drama fantasy romance

This K-drama is about Hotel Ephemeral were the spirits who have unfinished business stay. This drama took the world by the storm and thus, was recommended for the English adaptation. The actress is a CEO and ghost but she falls in love with a human manager that she hires.  The series on netflix has enhanced the reputation of k-dramas on the international platform. The story entangles between the spirit world and the normal human world. 

4- Secret Garden

secret garden drama, K-drama, romantic k-drama

A rich man and a poor lonely stunt girl fall in love. Things get twisted when their souls unusually get swapped. While the two worlds hilariously collide, the theme of the drama is very powerful- Unconditional Love! The drama has a fantasy plot along with an alluring romance plot. The whole drama is surrounded by the love story of the rich man and a poor girl who love each other passionately.

5- Go Back Couple

Go back couple of k-drama, time-traveling k-dramas

This drama presents a romantic plot for the viewers. The drama revolves around the love story of a couple that goes through all the ups and downs of life. The drama uses a time-traveling setup where the main lead Ma Jin Joo gets a chance to rekindle her relationships. This drama provides a wholesome view of our lives and relationships. This will make you think about how much you should cherish your loved ones.

6- My Roommate is a Gumhio

fox Korean drama, My roommate is a gumiho Korean drama

This one of the best fantasy romance k drama revolves around the old wild fantasies where gumiho can become human. The story is about a 999-year-old gumhio. His name is Shin Woo-yeo he wants to become a human. For this purpose, he will need to put his fox bead along with human energy. He has only one year to do it before he turns 1000 years old. The twist comes when a girl named Lee Dam swallows his bead by mistake. The drama presents cute chemistry between both the leads. This is one of the lastest korean romance drama!

7- Legend of the Blue Sea

romantic mermaid drama, legend of the blue sea

This one of the best fantasy romance k drama makes the old legends come alive. It is about a mermaid who falls in love with a human. She comes to the earth in search of his love. The mermaid named Se-hwa falls in love with Joon-jae who is a con man. Initially, the man helps Se-hwa to adapt to the world and understand human civilization. However, once the time comes they part their ways. The question arises whether their love story will come to a happy end or not. 

8- I can hear your voice

12 best fantasy k dramas on netflix for your watch list

This Korean fantasy k drama has a thriller and suspense plot with the addition of supernatural elements. This Korean fantasy drama revolves around a man who can read people’s minds. The man’s father has been murdered in suspicious circumstances. So he tries to find the actual murderer with a public defender. The drama also has a very wholesome experience while watching for the viewers.

9- The beauty inside

cf4b7a398dcc48089329896e7614369e 12 best fantasy k dramas on netflix for your watch list

The drama focuses on the importance of inner personality as the name suggests. It focuses on looking beyond the flaws of a person. The plot consists of a successful actress and a director. They both fall in love with each other while they both suffer from certain disorders. The actress suffers from a usual phenomenon where she transforms her personality involuntarily every month. This change lasts for a week. Similarly, the director in fantasy drama suffers from a disease called prosopagnosia. The story comprises their struggle of defeating these disorders while also unconditionally loving each other. It is a great option for making your heart go all warm and fuzzy. 

10- Moon lovers- Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon lovers- Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Korean drama

The drama involves the elements of time traveling. This fantasy Korean drama is about a girl(IU) who accidentally time travels and gets trapped in someone else’s body. The girl named Ha Jin goes back in time for about 1000 years where she becomes a girl named Hae-soo. The drama is set up in the Goreyo Dynasty. Now the girl has to get involved in a power struggle in the kingdom. The girl has to fight with various dangerous people to reach her aim and also to keep herself safe. The drama provides a perfect combination of affection and emotions with the tincture of adventure and rivalry. 

11- W

mystery, love story, best fantasy romance kdrama

This one of the best fantasy romance k drama has a very different plot where the main leads land into each other’s world. The two different dimensions or worlds crash with each other and entangle two lives together. The real world and webtoon counters each other. The main leads belong to a different world however on their encounter they fell in love. The drama comprises various twists and turns which make the whole plot very interesting. The drama has a very pure romantic vibe with various cute moments in between for the viewers.

12- Another Miss Ho

Another miss ho, romantic mystery kdrama

The drama revolves around two women who happen to share the same name. Both women later share their faith with the same man as well. The man is a director who happens to see visions of both women. This drama has a lot of layers. However, the cinematography presents it in a very interesting way. The suspense and the mystery make the whole plot very interesting to watch. The mystery along with romantic chemistry proffers a great balance for the users. 


So if you are still thinking of finding the best k-dramas on netflix for your binge-watching then you can choose from the above-mentioned Best fantasy romance K Drama list. All these twelve dramas have the perfect mix of romance and fantasy. A few of them also integrate romance and fantasy with mystery and suspense. If you want to watch a wholesome mushy drama which makes your heart go all warm then you can go for ‘The Beauty Inside’.

If you are looking for best fantasy k dramas on netflix  that has mystery and suspense with amazing twists and turns but also with a hint of love and warmth then goes for ‘I can hear your voice’ or ‘Another Miss Ho’. Choose one drama from the list and enjoy your leisure time. 

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