best park seo joon dramas and Everything You Need to Know about him

best park seo joon dramas and Everything You Need to Know about him

South Korean actor Park Seo Joon

best park seo joon dramas and Everything You Need to Know about him

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When it comes to the best South Korean actors, we can’t forget Park Seo-Joon. Whether it’s TV, movies, or variety shows, he has made his name with his remarkable talent. Park seo joon instagram already has over 18 million followers.

So, in this blog, we are going to highlight and discuss Park Seo Joon profile.  It includes his social life and best park seo joon dramas.

Park Seo Joon childhood pictures
Park Seo Joon childhood pictures

Park Seo joon was born as Park Yong-kyu in 1988. His family includes his loving parents and two younger brothers. Moreover, he is Sagittarius and celebrates his birthday on 16th December. Don’t forget to wish him this year!

Park Seo Joon’s profile is quite impressive. Although he is a big star, Seo Joon is an introvert. He was born in Seoul and later moved to Incheon. After graduating from Incheon Annam High school, he joined the Seoul Institute of the Arts. He studied acting there. It’s no wonder he showed his acting talent during middle school.

For, South Korean males, it’s compulsory for them to finish the mandatory service. So, Seo Joon enlisted his name in the army at the age of 19, in 2008. He completed the training in 2 years and joined the showbiz industry soon after.

Did you see the snap he recently posted on his Insta profile? We can’t stop swooning over Park Seo Joon’s cute childhood photos. The naughty yet charming trademark smile of PSJ is something we all love.

Park Seo Joon Profile: Best TV Shows and Movies

There’s no denying that he is a versatile actor. This is why fans like us keep waiting for Park Seo Joon’s new drama. He has acted in many shows, films, and music videos. Do you remember park seo joon parasite, his cameo in the Oscar-winning movie, Parasite? Here are some of his best performances on small and big screens.

Itaewon Class

every member has itaewon class fashion style-which is street fashion
Itaewon Class 2020

Itaewon Classpark seo joon latest drama, remains the best drama series Park Seo jun has starred in. In fact, the actor has proven his acting skills in this fan-favorite drama. He portrays the character of a socially inept young man. And we can all agree that he was the perfect choice for this television series.

The park seo joon dramas netflix highlights how powerful people manipulate the law. But despite the injustice, Park Seo Joon’s character doesn’t let anything stop him from succeeding in life. He sets big goals and achieves them without fear. Even the tag of ex-convict couldn’t stop him from gaining success. So, his character depicts an accurate role model that inspires lots of people. Additionally, his power-packed performance makes it a great show to watch.

PSJ’s on-screen character is a simple guy. But Kdrama fashion reflects in this simplicity too. He makes the viewers realize that you can look good and fashionable in hoodies and casual clothes.

Fight for My Way

best park seo joon dramas fight for my way
Fight For My Way Kdrama series

If you want to watch a realistic yet interesting show, then Fight for My Way is your go-to option. It’s a relatable drama about common people who dare to dream big. So, this drama makes one of the top highlights of Park Seo Joon profile.

Park Seo Joon portrays Ko Dong-man alongside Kim Ji-won. He is a young college boy with a humble background. Having learned taekwondo at a young age, he aspires to enter the UFC championship. Despite the financial constraints, he never lets go of his dreams.

You should also watch the show for Park Seo Joon fight for my way fashion. He looks handsome and charming throughout the episodes. Also, the choice of stylish clothing is worth the praise.

Park Seo Joon played supporting characters in many dramas. But this show’s lead character made him a superstar. Moreover, the show captured attention across the country. It was the slot leader and got high ratings throughout the run.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Park Min-young and Park Seo Joon, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim pictures
Park Min-young and Park Seo Joon, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

Unlike many of his TV shows, Seo-Joon acts as a rich man in this 2018’s popular show. The drama is an adaptation of a novel bearing the same name.

In What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim his character is an arrogant, narcissistic man. Being the Vice President of a huge corporation, he works hard. His secretary gets tired after working with him for nine years. Therefore, she decides to resign from the company. This is when he starts realizing her value. And he tries his best to stop her from leaving—the love story of Park Min-young and Park Seo Joon blossoms along the way.

Our favorite actor looked great in this Netflix Kdrama. Korean drama fashion is prominent everywhere. Both male and female leads adorn modern and fashionable outfits. We can’t stop admiring their fashion sense and on-screen chemistry!

Midnight Runners

Midnight Runners kdrama Tv series
Midnight Runners Poster

Aside from TV shows, Seo Joon starred in movies too. He captured attention with his charming personality and amazing dialog delivery in the Midnight Runners movies. The action-comedy stars Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha neul are well suited to work together. Their bromance is something we still dearly remember and love.

Both lead characters study at Korean National Police University. The friends encounter a kidnapping incident while returning from the cinema. When police officers fail to intercept the kidnappers, these friends get on a mission. They deal with kidnappers on their own and free the hostages. The park seo joon movies made over $38 million and was a major hit.

This was the first time our PSJ got a lead role in a movie. And his performance proved that the choice was right. In fact, he has won several awards for his portrayal of Park Ki-joon, thanks to this incredible movie.

Other Popular Shows

Park Seo jun in Dream High 2 korean tv series
Park Seo jun in Dream High 2

Bang Yong-guk’s music video for “I Remember” was Park Seo Joon’s debut. His first TV show was Dream High 2 in 2012. Later, he appeared in Pots of Gold, One Warm Word, and Kill Me Heal Me. She was Pretty, A Witch’s Love, and Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth are some other well-known shows. He got plenty of fans in no time.

Movie producers soon noticed the budding actor. He got his first big chance with the Chronicles of Evil in 2015. The Divine Fury is another movie you should watch if you are a fan.

Furthermore, PSJ has been a part of variety shows too. You can watch him in Music Bank, Youn’s Kitchen, and Youn’s Stay. He made us his fan with captivating compering in award shows. Also, he appeared in music videos of One-two-three-four and Dream All Day.

Park Seo joon New Drama (Upcoming)

Kdrama actor seo-Jun

Don’t you want to know what Park Seo Joon is up to? We bet you want to know all about his upcoming shows and movies. So, don’t worry; we have the latest news for you!

Despite the pandemic, 2021 has been a busy year for the actor. You can watch him in many new projects. This includes an upcoming thriller about survival. The project’s title is Gyeongseong Creature or Project K. The show’s cast is yet not final, but some big names may join the series soon.

Aside from TV shows, Seo Joon will also appear in movies. He is currently filming a project titled Dream. He plays the role of a football coach who coaches the national team for the Homeless World Cup. IU (Lee Ji-Eun) will appear as the female lead in the movie.

Concrete Utopia is another exciting new project he is working on. Ideally, the plot revolves around a catastrophic natural disaster. Seo Joon helps survivors alongside Lee Byung-hun. Its shooting began in April 2021. But the movie’s release date is still unknown.

The biggest news about Park Seo Joon came out in June 2021. This was when we got to know that the popular actor will soon join Hollywood, park seo joon marvel. He got the offer to become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with The Marvels. We can’t wait for the movie’s release in 2022. But we are sure he will promote Korean drama fashion in his unique way.

Awards and Recognition

Park seo joon Awards
Park seo joon Awards

Park Seo Joon has received many awards for his excellent performances. Let’s take a look at some of these titles:

6th Korea Dream Awards for Best New Actor

1st Fashionista Award for Best Kdrama Fashion in TV

6th Korea Film Actors Association Award for Popular Star

13th Seoul International Drama Awards for Outstanding Korean Actor

13th Asian Film Awards for Rising Star


Park Seo Joon profile is among the leading South Korean actors. He got popular with his distinct style and unmatched acting skills. Itaewon Class, Fight for My Way, and Midnight Runners are among his popular TV shows. He also appeared in Midnight Runners and other hit movies.

He received a large number of awards and nominations for these projects. But fans keep waiting for Park Seo Joon’s new drama. So, you’d be happy to know that he has a few movies and TV shows lined up.

Park Seo Joon knows the art of grabbing on-screen attention. He is an amazing actor, and we wish him all the success in the upcoming years.

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