10 best romance korean webtoon dramas You Should Watch in 2022

10 best romance korean webtoon dramas You Should Watch in 2022

Best koream dramas based on webtoons

10 best romance korean webtoon dramas You Should Watch in 2022

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Hey!, do you know any best romance korean webtoon dramas?

First, it is not new to have movies produced from various books or comics in the entertainment industry. South Korea is well known for its thriving entertainment industry. They make many of their films and dramas from Naver comics, where is full of korean webtoon recommendations. This is where Korean comics are stored. The series are set in a way that, at some point, they reflect the culture of the South Korean People. In this way, they are selling their tradition to the world.

 Therefore, there are several popular K-dramas are based on Webtoons. You can watch any of these best romance webtoon 2022 dramas on platforms like Netflix. For the credit of the authors of the comics, this blog article outlines kdramas made from these comics.

1] Rugal (2020) – Best pick

Rugal 2020 Korean drama based on webtoons
Rugal 2020

Rugal is one of the best Korean dramas based on webtoons. It is a comic full of actions. It was originally written by Relmae, who did get lots of credit for his excellent work. The series revolves around a famous police detective by the name of Kang ki- beam. He works to cut off a particular group of criminal organizations called the Argos. 

After his Call of Duty, he returns home and finds his wife killed by the bandits. Due to confusion and disbelief, he also finds himself under the hands of the gang. The Argos tempers with his eyes; to some point, he can’t see well. But, after surgery, he is given a pair of artificial eyesight to use. Fortunately, the national intelligence offers Kang ki-beam an opportunity to revenge by joining Rugal, a team of officers who are trained and have one goal of neutralizing the Argos. He later establishes himself as a dangerous human weapon.

Overall, the comic and series were well-received by the audience. The production of this drama is full of action, making it one of the most beloved series. The cast action brings the scenes to life.

2] Hell is Other People (2019)

Strangers From Hell one of the Korean Dramas Based on Webtoons
Strangers From Hell Korean Drama

The comic was written by a novelist by the name, Kim Yong -ki. It is still available in Naver- where Korean comics are kept. The comic is unique; it uses a unicolor scheme to set the timbre for its incredulous plot. The webtoon revolves around a young man by the name of Yoon Jong-woo (Im Si-Wan). He decides to leave his home village for an apprenticeship in the South Korean capital. In Seoul, he is not able to live in good houses due to financial instability. Fortunately, he manages to rent the smallest room, which is cheap, called goshiwon. He thinks of leaving the place but finds it difficult since he does not have enough money.

            The drama series of these comics are already on Netflix. It’s a horror kind type of series, with scares, sensation and a lot of crepes. Yet, the cast did an outstanding job. They fully engrossed themselves in their characters.

            Furthermore, the audience acknowledged the ability of Lee Dong-Wook, to handle different roles in the Korean drama. The production of the comics in the webtoon kdrama brings to life the scenes in the comics.

3] Gangnam Beauty (2018)-best romance manhwa

Gangnam Beauty (2018)
Gangnam Beauty (2018)

Kee Maeng-kee originally wrote the comic. This series  revolves around aspects like beauty standards and plastic surgery. In the webtoon, the author talks of Kang Mi-rae, who tries to adapt to university life. The lady has undergone plastic surgery. In the university, the lady meets a guy named Kyung -Seok (Cha Eun-woo), who loves her unconditionally. She appreciates his love. However, the cast crew finds it hard to produce these comics. It is due to this they have added new scenes in their webtoon drama. This has made it more famous.

            Unfortunately, Mi-rae thoughts are not well captured in kdrama as compared to how the author placed them in comics. conversely, this is not a big deal. Asymmetrical comics have to express emotions via dialogue balloons. Furthermore, the writer also acknowledges the courage and boldness of Imsoo-Hyang alias [Kang Mi-rae]. She takes a more touching role. Acting as the university student who opted for plastic surgery needed more courage.

4] What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)-best romance korean webtoon

best romance korean webtoon what's wrong with secretary kim
What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018) a webtoon based tvN series

It was initially published as a novel by an author by the name of Jung Kyung-yoo. Later, the comic turned into a webtoon Korean drama and won the heart of people around the globe. 

Basically, this drama revolves around a young man by the name of Lee Young-Joon, who is rich and handsome. He’s a president of a big company, with a secretary by the name of Kim Mi-so. The secretary has been loyal to him, having worked for his company for about 9years. However, the secretary wants to leave, but lee young -Joon finds a reason to convince her to stay.

The main actors of the cast are;

Park Seo-Joon, who is known as Lee young-Joon

Park min- young who is known as Kim mi -so

            Generally, this love story has gained praise from its audiences due to its attention to detail. However, for an easy understanding of the story, watch the drama.

5] Itaewon Class (2020) – One of the Korean Dramas Based on Webtoons 

Itaewon Class 2020 a webtoon based Korean drama
Itaewon Class 2020

Itaewon class 2020 is arguably one of  the best Korean dramas base on webtoons that you should watch if you haven’t.

           This drama was an original webtoon written by Jo Gwang -jin, which later was adapted. The series became one of the hottest topics in 2020 and one of the most-watched series. 

           Briefly, The story follows the main actors, Park Sae-yo-Yi (Park Seo Joon), Kim Da-mi and their friends. They traverse challenges in their daily life together. Misfortunes still follow him as his father dies in an accident. The accident was ascribed to a rich man’s son. Park could not challenge the rich man in the court. He is later imprisoned. From prison, he comes determined to revenge for his father. He ends earning vast tons of money after starting a restaurant and bar business in Itaewon.

            In summary, the production of the plot is faithful to the comic. It touches all aspects of the daily lives of individuals. This kdrama is now available on Netflix.

6] Memorist (2020)

best Korean drama based on webtoon the Memorist (2020)
Memorist (2020)

It is an action thriller comic. Dang Baek, who many people see as a regular guy out there, can read people’s memories. This is evident when he agrees to collaborate with Han Sun-mi, a high-profile criminal. They all agree to find a solution to increasing murder cases. The outcome is that they all discover their secrets, and they end up regretting.

The main characters were,

Yoo Seung-ho, who is known as Dang Baek

Lee se- young who is known as Han sun- mi

7] Mystic pop-up Bar (2020)

Best koream dramas based on webtoons
Mystic pop-up Bar (2020) Webtoon based drama

This series was adapted from a comic called ‘Town top bar’ [songappocha]. An author created the original webtoon by the name of Bae hype-soon. Mystic pop up bar is one of the most attention-capturing movies. Due to popularity, the series was crowned the excellence award in the 2017 Korean awards. The series revolves around Wool Joo, who owns a bar. He interacts with the people as they eat and drink. Basically, she helps them solve misunderstandings among them. It is by this way; she obliges them to heal their wounds.

           Notably, the setting and production of the series are different from the original comic. Wool joo also runs and owns another bar in Korea that sells alcohol. Additionally, for all the Korean drama based on webtoon, this is the best inspirational show of all for me.

8] Extraordinary You (2019) – best high school romance webtoon

Extraordinary You 2019 Korean drama based on webtoon series
Extraordinary You 2019 Korean drama

First, it is important to note that Moo Ryu wrote the original comic. The drama is based on a comic called ‘the July found by chance.’ The series revolves around Eun Dan-oh. The author secretly adds her to this comic. When she realizes her karma in the webtoon drama, she’s determined to change it. 

In fact, in the production of the comic, there were concerns about the complexity of the plot. However, major credit goes to the cast crew as they did unexceptional work. In other words, they brought the comic scene to life. In addition, the production part of the kdrama is more prominent than its webtoon. It is due to these elements that each character comes out really well.

The main cast are;

Kim Hye-Yoon, known as Eun Dan-oh

Rewoon -known as Han number 13

Lee Jae-Wook – known as Baek Kyung.

9] Love Alarm (2019)-best romance manhwa with good art

Love Alarm 2019 Tv Series based on webtoon
Love Alarm 2019 Tv Series based on webtoon

Another thrilling Korean drama based on webtoon is Love Alarm. This Naver webtoon kdrama is from a comic by the name’ ringing if you like it.’ The comic has its own YouTube channel making it one of the advanced comics. They uploaded few chapters of the webtoon after translation from Spanish. The comic is more of a romance genre. In addition, the story rotates around an app by the name joalam. The app enables individuals to locate their admirers within a radius of 10 m. When Jo-Jo uses the app, she is amazed to see herself involved in a love affair with her best friends.

           Notably, no added changes or scenes in the production of this kdrama comic. It strictly follows the original comic action. And due to this, they developed an app of the same name.

The main casts include:

Kim So-Hyun as Kim Jo-jo,

Jung Ga-ram  as Lee Hye-young, and

Son Gang  as Hwang Sun-oh

10] Backstreet Rookie (2020)

Backstreet Rookie (2020)
Backstreet Rookie (2020)

The last drama in our list of best Korean dramas based on webtoons is the 2020 series Backstreet Rookie.

The series is set based on a comic by the name ‘convenience store saet.’ It tells a story where back in 4years, a merchant met a high student in the backstreet and loves her appearance. To the present day, the student later returned to the store as an employee, and their love affair developed.

Final Thought

So, what do you think about our top 10 list of the best Korean drama based on webtoons to watch? All these series are based on some of the best comics.

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