15 Best Sad Kdrama with depressed male lead

15 Best Sad Kdrama with depressed male lead

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15 Best Sad Kdrama with depressed male lead

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Sad Kdramas are globally popular for their strong effects and well-knitted plots; they awake intense sad feelings with the tragic real or fiction stories. We, Korea Trendy, will show you a list of selected dramas including kdrama with depressed male lead.

1. It is Okay That's Love: Top korean drama about mental illness

Its okay that is love
Its Okay That's love. sad Kdramas romance

It is Okay That’s Love” is a story in 16 episodes that shows that not only the protagonist suffering from mental illness, but all of us, in general, are living with scars. Despite their suffering, people try their best to lead an everyday life. Modern people who are pathologically in the grip of minor trauma also carry the disease of the heart. In this okay thats love drama, you will see how love gives you the strength to endure resentment, despair, distress, sadness, and misfortune. What helps a person to endure pain, fear, and take risks? It is love that someone showers on you and accepts you in their life.

This beautiful drama brings heightened feelings of sadness with a tinge of romance. You will cry and still wish the drama to continue, and you keep watching. The drama reminds you of the value of compassion and intense feelings between loving hearts. One of the best sad kdramas to watch!

2. Dear My Friends: kdrama about depression and friendship of the eldery

Dear my friends
Dear my friends

The population around the world is now rapidly becoming older. Therefore, the production industry needs to bring entertainment options that focus on the life of the elderly in society and display what ups and downs come in their journey. “Dear My Friends” kdrama about depression and friendship of the elderly, showcases friendship and life in old age in 16 episodes. Who has ever thought about the mental state and deep emotions of those who have passed the age called “young?” Maybe not many! But this drama reflects the feelings of the youth of twilight who remind the world, “It’s not gone but still here.”

Park Wan listens to her mother’s friends’ stories and discovers the sweet meaning of friendship and love. The message of the drama displays issues that the elderly silently suffer from in their heart and mind. You will have tears in your eyes watching the many poignant scenes in the drama.

3. My Mister: kdrama with depressed male lead

My Mister kdrama with depressed male lead
My Mister

You must really love to watch “My Mister” kdrama with lonely male lead, for igniting feelings in your hearts for those who live a rough life.  “My Mister” is the story of a woman and her three brothers who struggle to live and be there for one another. The story shows the woman working a temporary job to nurse her grandmother.

Her supervisor is also equally miserable at the job, but she develops a platonic relationship with him. If you feel how Dong Hoon feels when he cries, you will not push your tears back. The very, very sad ending of the story will make you cry on the spot like a child, and you will not come over its effects for long.

4. Navillera

Beautiful sad Kdramas: Navillera

Get ready with the tissue box at your side to start watching “Navillera.” This is a heartfelt drama sprouting from the story of two people who definitely inspire you to follow your dreams. These two are at different points of their lives yet pursuing their dreams as ballet dancers. The heartwarming story and scenes will have a profound impact on you, and you will live in the trance of the story for a long time after watching its 12 episodes.

“Navillera” is a drama about Deok-Chul, who starts ballet dancing at the age of seventy, and Chaerok, a ballerina who lives her dreams at 23. Deok-Chul always practised alone with Chae-rok (Song Kang) but made an official presentation in front of ballet dancers for the first time.

The thing that many would not notice is that it is the kind of drama that will make you get out of your shell and pursue your dreams, and that’s where a quality drama stands.

5. When the Camelia Blooms: best psychological korean drama

When the Camelia Blooms
When the Camelia Blooms

“When the Camellia Blooms” is the romance drama of a single mother Dongbaek-i (Gong Hyo-jin), who opens a bar in a small rural port town. She loves Hwang Yong-sik (Kang Ha-neul), a policeman.  The drama takes an unexpected twist when the mother’s old boyfriend appears again in the story, bringing back all the memories.

“When the Camellia Blooms” is an exciting and heart-touching drama of 20 episodes. You would love it for its storyline, compelling characters, script, and above all, the sadness behind the story, kdrama with depressed female lead that will melt your heart. The music soundtrack adds to the effects of drama, let alone the scenic little town at the seaside!

6. Misaeng: Incomplete Life

Misaeng Incomplete Life
Misaeng Incomplete Life

Another long, award-winning drama spread over 20 episodes with its majestic, unique story. Jang Geu-Rae, at the age of eleven, fails to join a club and enters business life by joining a general trading company. Life is busy there with no time even to breathe. You would end up feeling more interested in the drama as the story develops.

“Misaeng: Incomplete Life” will absolutely take you out of your surroundings and yourself for whole twenty hours. You would not feel time passing as you will be deeply immersed in the scenarios. The best part is that the drama is linked to the real-life office environment. All those faces that usually are present in an office area in this drama. So, you can learn a lot about office life and staff from “Misaeng: Incomplete Life.” So, learn about the same ambitions, egos, humor, patience, resentments, pluck, and despair at different moments. And also, what kind of people characteristics does a successful businessman or woman have.

7. Reply 1988

Reply 1988
Reply 1988

“Reply 1988” is a warm family drama about friendship. Then, why does it make you cry? Spread over 20 episodes, it is one of the longest dramas that gives you a great time watching a bittersweet story of romance and problems and troubles. The drama depicts the relation of love and friendship of five childhood friends who grew up in the same alley.

How love and romance grow among this network of families is worth watching. This is where you find the answer to why does it make you cry!  

Heightened feelings you experience owing to the OST of the drama. Slowly and firmly gripping your attention, the drama keeps you hooked and obviously would not let you miss any opportunity to cry. 

8. Go Back Couple

Go back couple
Go back couple

If you know how rewarding it is to be a parent, you would better watch “Go Back Couple” with no delay. This drama is about a couple who regrets getting married; goes back to the university days where they first met and their love developed. This drama conveys a strong message to couples of love to remember once again!

Each one’s story is too complicated to handle (you would not be able to hold your tears back). But the exciting thing is that you will laugh and cry simultaneously while watching “Go Back Couple,” which is something many of you would not like to miss.

Know the sacrifices parents need to make for their children. Even if you have already been doing it, you still will enjoy the drama. This is going to hit the soft spots in your heart! So, expect to watch “Go Back Couple” in 12 episodes as a sad Korean drama crying and shedding tears. 

9. Scarlet Heart Raeo

Scarlet Heart Raeo

The drama starts on a total solar eclipse day, showing the princes standing in the middle of competition for imperial power. It is a story of trendy romance, friendship, and closeness. A modern story writer Ha Ha-jin who entered Goryeo girl Hae-su, writes this beautiful story. We often love to go back in time through a mysterious accident and exist in those ancient days experiencing life as it was long ago. This is what really happened in drama like “Scarlet Heart Raeo” happened. 

It can be your best choice if you desire to watch such an exciting accident unwrap mysteries one after another. This drama presents a flawless plot in 20 episodes. The love story in the drama would sure make you feel sad, and nothing will soothe unless you cry your eyeballs out. Everyone loves to see two loving hearts stay together forever.  But this does not happen in this drama. So, you will know that you will remain to wish to see that the two lovers of the drama didn’t have a good together and were never with each other.

10. The Light in Your Eyes

The light in your eyes
The light in your eyes

The drama is the story of Kim Hye Ja, who manipulates time to prevent her father from dying after going through a car accident. However, manipulating time causes Kim Hye Ja to age each time she turns back time. She has a beautiful friendship with Hye Ja, but he is also miserable because of his family problems. This is a sad and melancholy drama of 10 episodes that will make you cry at many points when heart-wrenching twists will drown you in sadness. 

The intense plot and clever twist of the story will keep you hooked, and the dramatic changes of the story will force you to feel the actions and events on the screen. In the end, the couple gets together again, but the feeling of loss is so strong that you will cry spontaneously. Watch “The Light in Your Eyes” as a perfect sad love stories Korean drama, one of the korean dramas about mental health.

11. Crash Landing on You

Crash landing on you

A drama with a heart-touching secret love story of a girl named Yoon Se-ri, the heiress of a multinational company. She crash-landed in North Korea in an emergency while paragliding on her own. Her special officer Lee Jeong-hyeok protects her, and they both fall in love.

Watch this beautiful drama in 16 episodes for the carefree adventure story ‘Crash Landing on You‘ that is so interesting. Or maybe for the beautiful people delving deep in romance. Or for the opportunity to laugh and cry at the same time. And forget about everything around you. Instead, enjoy how many incredible things can happen in our crazy world.

12. The Hymn of Death

The hymn of death
The hymn of death

This is the true story of Kim Woo-Jin and Yun Sim-Deok. Kim Woo-Jin writes stage dramas during the Japanese occupation. He falls in love with Yun Sim-Deok, who is the first Korean soprano. But the unfortunate thing is that Kim is already married…Heartbreaking romance makes everyone cry, no matter how old or how strong one is. So, be ready for a tragic romance in 6 episodes of “The Hymn of Death.” 

“The Hymn of Death” story is knitted with sadness as the love that developed in two hearts silently could never find the friendly environment to grow and reach its much-expected happily-ever-after stage. What can you think an unhappily married man can do when he falls in love with another woman? Just nothing as he cannot get his love and it ends painfully making everyone sad around. Although it is a short drama, it is complete in its story and tragic effects.

13. The Beauty Inside

The beauty inside
The beauty inside

This drama is the love story of Han Se-gye. She is the target of many rumors because her face changes every month to the features of a different person because of an unusual phenomenon she is suffering from. But she meets Seo Do-Jae, who is the executive director of an airline company. He is attractive but is suffering from prosopagnosia. They two fall in love.

You would love “The Beauty Inside” right from the OST to the script, fashion, and plot. This drama offers you the convenience of watching a well-knitted drama engaging in all of its 16 episodes. The environment of the drama is fun and easy, with heartwarming scenes of two loving hearts displaying perfect chemistry to wow you.

14. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Guardian the lonely and great God
Guardian the lonely and great God

In this drama, Kim Shin is a military general from the Goryeo Dynasty, but the king kills him because he is a traitor. The Almighty curses this dead man to remain immortal forever and endure the pain of seeing his loved ones dying. He becomes a kind goblin who helps people, but he is in pain. Only his wife can end his immortality by pulling out the sword. Watch the mystery kdrama with depressed male lead in 16 great episodes.

The doomed love in the story ‘Guardian the Lonely and Great God’ is not easy to watch without sobbing and wiping tears. So, keep a box of tissues ready at your side for comfortable sniffing. But, the end is incredible to let the drama stay in the top best, flawless best sad Korean movies.

15. Another Oh Hae Young: kdrama with depressed female lead

Another Oh Hae Young

This kdrama with depressed male lead  is all about a misunderstanding romance between a man ‘Park Do-Kyung’ and two women with the same name as ‘Oh Hae-Young.’ The story develops, and the man gets entangled in the misunderstanding. The drama is spread on 18 episodes with engaging romance and the thrill of misunderstanding.

Intense romance and heart-wrenching arguments combinedly affect you profoundly, and you cry with every bit of sadness felt. Everyone who has loved someone to the extent of going crazy and drained would have a plunge in tears while watching Another Oh Hae Young. ‘

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