Cast of Extraordinary Attorney Woo from Netflix Show

Cast of Extraordinary Attorney Woo from Netflix Show

Cast of Extraordinary Attorney Woo from Netflix Show

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo became one of the leading Kdramas of 2022. The unique storyline about an autistic attorney was an exciting factor. But it’s true that all actors played their parts to perfection. Shall we talk about the cast of Extraordinary Attorney Woo together?

Started on June 29th, the TV show became a global sensation. As per the weekly ratings, this drama is among the most popular shows in Korea. Not only that, it has secured its spot as a global hit in many countries.

Did you watch the show yet? We fell in love with when we started streaming the show. We know you’d love it too!

The Kdrama revolves around Attorney Woo Young-woo. She is on the autism spectrum disorder. Thus, her emotional intelligence is low but her IQ is 164. It’s interesting to watch how she tackles career challenges.

The relationships between the main characters in the show is another enticing factor. Hanbada legal firm is where the main characters work. The legal team at Hanbada takes up challenging cases and comes up with innovative ways to solve complex ones.

The legal element of the show keeps viewers hooked!

Cast of Extraordinary Attorney Woo We Love to See Every Week

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo cast includes a combination of veterans and new actors. Every actor has worked hard to make the Netflix show a success.

Woo Young-woo

Woo Young-woo Extraordinary Attorney Woo Cast
Woo Young-woo Extraordinary Attorney Woo Cast

Extraordinary Attorney Woo actress is Park Eun-bin. She plays the character of Woo Young-woo. The cast of Extraordinary Attorney Woo is successful just because she is the main protagonist!! The female lead is a genius lawyer and the first autistic attorney in Korea. Throughout her college life, she performed exceptionally well. In bar exams, she scored almost a perfect score. But no legal firm hires her due to ASD.

She is good at remembering everything she reads, sees, or hears. But her social and communication skills aren’t that great. She is the only daughter of Woo Gwang-ho who is a single father.

Young-woo has two passions: whales and law. She loves talking about whales, especially with Joon-ho. And when working on cases, she finds unique ways to interact with clients. With her out-of-the-box intelligence, she’s able to notice critical case points that others often overlook.

Lee Joon-ho

Lee Joon-ho Extraordinary Attorney Woo Character

Lee Joon-ho is a legal team employee at Hanbada. Extraordinary Attorney Woo cast male lead is played by Kang Tae-oh. He assists attorneys with client meetings or case investigations.

Joon-ho is a kind-hearted and good-looking character. He is sincere in his job and looks out for his team, especially Woo Young-woo. At the start of the show, Choi Soo-yeon seemed to have a crush on him. He is that likable after all!

Jung Myung-seok

Jung Myung-seok Extraordinary Attorney Woo Characters

Kang Ki-young has won our hearts as Jung Myung-seok. The actor has played diverse roles in his career. And this is among one of his best!

Myung-seok is a senior attorney at Hanbada. Being a great team leader, he always looks out for his team. And he is ready to train junior employees who need his guidance. When Woo Young-woo joined his team, he became her mentor.

Woo Gwang-ho

Woo Gwang-ho Extraordinary Attorney Woo Character

Woo Gwang-ho is Young-woo’s father. He is a lighthearted person who lives his life simply. But he faced his fair share of struggles. First, he had to give up on his dreams of becoming an attorney. Then his daughter got an ASD diagnosis after she didn’t start speaking until the age of five.

Jeon Bae-soo plays the role well. Now, he runs a restaurant. But he feels quite lonely on his own.

Han Seon-young


Baek Ji-won stood out as Han Seon-young. She is the CEO of Hanbada law firm. Her father established the firm and then she inherited it from him at a young age. She is now a successful career woman.

Tae Soo-mi

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Cast Tae Soo-mi

Jin Kyung entered the TV show as Tae Soo-mi. She is the CEO of Taesan Law Firm which is the biggest competitor of Hanbada. Both law firms are the biggest firms in Korea.

The shocking revelation came in the latter half of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. It showed that Tae Soo-mi is the birthmother of Woo Young-woo. She got pregnant when she was in law college. But she gave birth at the insistence of Gwang-ho. Then she abandoned her daughter for her career.

When they crossed paths again, she offered Young-woo a job who rejected the offer. Soo-mi wants to become the next Defense Minister. So, she tries to persuade Young-woo’s father to leave for the US with his daughter. Otherwise, the news that she has a daughter out of wedlock can hurt her chances.

Dong Geu-ra-mi


Joo Hyun-young plays the character of Woo Young-woo’s close friend. They met in high school and have been close since. But Geu-ra-mi lost interest in studies due to the behavior of students and teachers.

Dong Geu-ra-mi is a kind-hearted person. But she doesn’t let anyone walk over her. She is possessive of her family and the only best friend. Now, she works at Kim Min-shik’s restaurant.

Choi Soo-yeon

Choi Soo-yeon, Ha Yoon Kyung in Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Choi Soo-yeon

Choi Soo-yeon played by Ha yoon-kyung is among the best characters in attorney woo kdrama cast. She is a professional attorney with strong principles. At the workplace, she often gets into banter with her colleague, Min-woo. She may seem a detached person, but worries about her clients.

As for her law college life, she was a classmate of Woo Young-woo. She goes on dates to find her soulmate.

Kwon Min-woo


Cast of extraordinary attorney woo Kwon Min-woo may be one of the least liked Extraordinary Attorney Woo characters. He is an ambitious employee at Hanbada Law Firm and a roommate of Jun-ho.

Min-woo wants to become a successful attorney. But he doesn’t hesitate in turning to unethical or cunning practices for success. He opposes the appointment of Young-woo from the beginning and tries to instigate Soo-yeon against her. He spreads rumors against Young-woo as well that she got the job due to nepotism.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Characters: Relationship Tree

cast of Extraordinary Attorney Woo from Netflix show
Extraordinary Attorney Woo Characters: Relationship Tree

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo cast is spectacular. And the relationship between the characters has made us a fan of this popular show.

You may wonder who are the characters of Extraordinary Attorney Woo? And how is their relationship with each other. Let’s find out!

Woo Young-woo and Woo Gwang-ho

Extraordinary Attorney Woo with her father and friend
Extraordinary Attorney Woo with her father and friend

Woo Young-woo’s father, Woo Gwang-ho, cares for her more than anyone else. And she loves him in her unique way as well.

Young-woo once had to work with an autistic client. So, she asked Gwang-ho what it is like to live with an autistic person. To this, he replied that it can be lonely!

He keeps worrying about her but was happy with their mutual love for law. When she finally got a job, her father was ecstatic. And he says she can’t talk about whales at the workplace. Then she remembers his advice throughout the show. Despite the struggles, they have light and fun moments too.

Woo Young-woo and Lee Joon-ho: Extraordinary Attorney Woo romance

Woo Young-woo and Lee Joon-ho

Woo Young-woo and Lee Joon-ho have an affectionate relationship. They meet when Young-woo starts working at Hanbada. He helped her on the first day at the job and patiently listens to her. He tells her that she can talk to him anytime. This is when Young-woo decides she can talk to him about things she likes – particularly whales.

Joon-ho is a real gentleman and supportive of her. He encourages Woo Young-woo when she struggles. Their friendliness soon develops into love and they start dating. The chemistry between the couple is amazing.

Lee Joon-ho is proud of his girlfriend. He even fights his friends when they try to criticize her. Their relationship is one of the best things about this Kdrama.

Woo Young-woo and Jung Myung-seok

Woo Young-woo and Jung Myung-seok

Jung Myung-seok is the team lead and mentor of Woo Young-woo. He is a great mentor and guides her about the ins and outs of the legal world. Also, he trains her about court etiquette and how to interact with clients.

Their mutual scenes are so good to watch. There’s a comedy element that is the spotlight of the show.

In the beginning, Myung-seok was skeptical about her appointment. But the CEO had recommended her for the job. He soon recognized the talent of Young-woo. And he realized why the CEO chose her for the position.

Spoiler Alert!

The beloved character of Myung-seok seems to be in danger in later episodes. But we don’t want to ruin the show with spoilers. We want the character to stay safe.

Woo Young-woo and Dong Geu-ra-mi

Woo Young-woo and Dong Geu-ra-mi
Woo Young-woo and Dong Geu-ra-mi

The relationship between Woo Young-woo and Dong Geu-ra-mi is lovely. They are high school best friends. Young-woo became the target of bullying. But Geu-ra-mi saved her when everyone ignored the bullying. So, Young-woo stays with her since she makes her feel safe. Their friendship gets stronger with time.

Dong Geu-ra-mi supports her in every way. She knows Young-woo needs guidance about how to interact with others. So, she never hesitates in helping her out. He hypes her up and feels proud to have such a good lawyer as her friend.

When she has to go to court for the first time, Geu-ra-mi and her father are there to support her. Geu-ra-mi teaches her how to be a good communicator. Their scene where she teaches her to say “Objection!” in court with emotions is priceless!

Woo Young-woo and Choi Soo-yeon

Woo Young-woo and Choi Soo-yeon

Choi Soo-yeon is a colleague and former classmate of Young-woo. But the way she looks out for her won our hearts. She is a good friend that we all need!

Young-woo outperformed Soo-yeon in college and law firm. But Soo-yeon didn’t get jealous of her. Instead, she always supported her one way or the other. She felt bad for her and told her to stand up for herself. With her advice, Young-woo learned not to accept the ill behavior of others.

The most awesome scene between them was when Soo-yeon asked her to have a nickname for her. She replied you are my “Spring sunshine”. It’s because she helped her when others made fun of her. The heart-touching dialogs made Soo-yeon stunned with happiness. And we loved it like every fan of the show.

Woo Young-woo and Han Seon-young

Woo Young-woo and Han Seon-young

Han Seon-young is the CEO of Hanbada. So, they have the relationship of boss and subordinate. She didn’t have many scenes with Young-woo. But she respects the new lawyer of her firm.

Han Seon-young recognized the talent of Young-woo. Though the recruitment process had ended, she offered her a job. Overall, she is a cool boss and they have a good relationship.

Woo Gwang-ho and Han Seon-young

Woo Gwang-ho and Han Seon-young

Woo Gwang-ho was the college senior of Han Seon-young. Though they didn’t meet for years, they recognized each other easily. The CEO of Hanbada is affectionate towards her senior and he is respectful and friendly with her.

Han Seon-young even knew that Young-woo is his daughter. But this wasn’t the reason why she offered her the job.

She has some idea who Young-woo’s birthmother is. Gwang-ho strictly told her not to use his daughter for her firm’s benefit. But they remain on good terms regardless.

Jung Myung-seok and Choi Soo-yeon

Jung Myung-seok and Choi Soo-yeon
Jung Myung-seok and Choi Soo-yeon

Hanbada law firm recently hired new lawyers. Choi Soo-yeon is among the new hires for the firm. She was a bright student with talent and passion. So, she got the job. Now, she is on the team of Jung Myung-seok. As an attorney, she focuses on her job and goes the extra mile to support her clients.

Jung Myung-seok is a good team leader. His style of guiding and helping his team is unique and inspiring. She learns from him and listens to his advice. He advises her to be less emotional with clients and focus on hardcore facts. But he comes around when he notices her effort and the results.

We love both characters!

Han Seon-young and Tae Soo-mi

Han Seon-young and Tae Soo-mi

Han Seon-young is the CEO of Hanbada. The biggest competitor of her law firm is Taesan. This law firm is led by Tae Soo-mi.

Both CEOs aim to become the best law firms in Korea. So, they want to beat their competitor. They try to win over clients and plan to be the best legal firm. This is why Gwang-ho got the impression that Seon-young wants to blackmail the CEO of Taesan with her illegitimate daughter.

Jung Myung-seok and Kwon Min-woo

Jung Myung-seok and Kwon Min-woo

During the recruitment process, Kwon Min-woo also got the job. He is a smart employee but wants to outperform every other employee. He even accepted the offer from Taesan to get Young-woo to leave her job.

Myung-seok leads the team Min-woo works as his team member. They have a professional relationship of boss and subordinate.

Han Seon-young and Jung Myung-seok

Han Seon-young is like the boss that every employee dreams of. She is a good CEO and cares for her employees. Jung Myung-seok looks up to her and learns from her.


She trusts Myung-seok to perform his job well. So, she doesn’t hesitate in trusting him with important cases. Also, this is the reason why she assigned Young-woo in his team.

Dong Geu-ra-mi and Kim Min-shik

Dong Geu-ra-mi and Kim Min-shik

Kim Min-shik is a decent and funny character. Further, he is the owner of the restaurant where Dong Geu-ra-mi works. Both of them are fun characters and add a comedy element to the Kdrama. So, the dynamics of their relationship are interesting to watch. When they interact, we get to hear simple yet fun jokes.

Young-woo often visits them and they talk about her work. And they hype her up when she talks about her love life.

Where to watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a must-watch Netflix show. The concept of the show is great and all the actors showed a great performance. It has everything – romance, comedy, legal drama, and a bit of suspense.

Do you want to know where to watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

The show is available on Netflix for subscribers. But you can also watch it on other platforms for free. Dramacool, KissAsian, and TheFlixer stream all its episodes. Check it out!

This Kdrama is getting high ratings in Korea. And it’s in the top 10 most-watched shows in many countries. Did you yet tune in to the show? You won’t stop once you start watching it. We binge-watched the show and loved the cast of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. 

Besides the incredible storyline and talented actors, this show also features amazing K-drama fashion. If you’re a K-dram fan, then you know how appealing fashion sense is important in any Korean drama. 

Let us know which characters you liked the most!

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