Cast of hotel de luna korean drama and 7 Reasons why you will love Hotel Del Luna mysteries

Cast of hotel de luna korean drama and 7 Reasons why you will love Hotel Del Luna mysteries

Hotel Del Luna Kdrama

Cast of hotel de luna korean drama and 7 Reasons why you will love Hotel Del Luna mysteries

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The Hotel Del Luna Tv series is not your average drama; instead, it is a sensational piece of art. This is because the show has an incredible ability to capture viewers’ attention and keep the glued-on screen. The theme of reincarnation is the backdrop of the hotel de Luna kdrama series.

In fact, this TV series is one of the most captivating series thanks to its unique and theatrically appealing storyline. It is also considered one of the best Kdrama of all time. If you haven’t watched this show yet, the show is available on several online streaming platforms such as Rakuten and Netflix, so be sure to check it out.

Dragon Studio produced this series, and hotel del Luna script was written by the sisters Hong and directed by Ooh Chung-hwan. Also acted by lovable characters, cast of hotel de luna korean drama.

Hotel del luna episodes started airing on the 13th of September 2019, and since then, thousands of exciting reviews and hotel del luna summary have been written about this drama. 

The Mysterious Hotel Del Luna
The Mysterious Hotel

Ideally, there are lots of things to like about this Netflix hit series, such as a captivating storyline, stunning cinematography, excellent cast of hotel de luna korean drama, and most beautiful OST in kdramaland, among many other things.

Unfortunately, we can’t highlight all of them but here are the main reasons why watch Hotel Del Luna

1. Its Uniquely Captivating Storyline

IU and Yeo Jin-goo in Hotel Del Luna
IU and Yeo

The overall storyline of this drama is in some way similar to the Goblin, which may not seem original but still interesting nonetheless. Furthermore, the overall storyline is new and refreshing in its own way. It is filled with moments that are relatable, hilarious, and heartbreaking.

Basically, the hotel itself exists in a different realm between our world and the afterworld. This is where the dead with unfinished business go before moving to the afterlife. The plot features a layered plot with some depth and the twist and turns to keep you on age. Each scene unfolds in a way that keeps you second-guessing or wondering what to expect next. This show will simply defy your expectations.

Here is a little bit of its synopsis:
Yeo jin-goo and IU in hotel del luna
Yeo jin-goo and IU in hotel del luna

The Hotel del Luna owner is a lady by the name of Jang man Wol (Lee Ji-Eun (IU)), a cursed CEO. She is a lost soul herself and is tied to the hotel until she resolves the past issues. She has been here for centuries. Jang man Wol is powerful, beautiful, but ruthless, greedy, and suspicious. She is your eternal woman of luxurious taste, sipping champagne here and there and riding top cars. 

This establishment is far from being one of those ordinary guest-houses. It hosts only ghosts; however, human beings can also access it, but only in special circumstances.

The hotel’s guests and staff have some unattended things in their past lives, which they have to come to terms with so as to move on to another reincarnation cycle. The hotel personnel are comprised of souls that still hold past grudges, and in the process of settling them, they are tied to this hotel for centuries.

Most of the ghosts cannot leave the hotel unless they are long-lasting or powerful. The latter can go about among humans, but they must follow the instructions of Grim Reaper and Mago (deities). One of the instructions is not to kill a human being; otherwise, the soul loses a chance for the afterlife and is destroyed…

2. Stunning cinematography

Hotel del Luna stunning cinematography
stunning cinematography

Besides having an incredibly talented cast, the cinematography part of the production of this series was top notch too. Everything is on point, from the lighting, coloring scheme, scene-by-scene settings to the inclusion of beautiful scenery. These are just a few of many things that made it such a captivating show. Its cinematography can only be compared to dramas such as Goblin, which is one of the all-time best Kdramas.

In the first episode alone, you will notice beautiful cinematography and rich scenery that capture your attention. Furthermore, the acting is majorly in a prestigious hotel in a whole new world. In simple words, this TV series brings all the elements of a fantasy world to life on your screen, thanks to excellent cinematography work.

3. Amazing Fashion sense

Hotel Del Luna Fashion
Hotel Del Luna Fashion

Most kdramas are well known for their incredible fashion styles inclusivity. Through them, you can gain new fashion ideas and remodel your closet to mashup your fashion style.

For girls, you mustn’t miss this show because miss Jang Man Wol’s pretty fashion sense is a perfect fashion inspiration for you. She brings about unique fashion styles that include lovely nail art, accessories, different makeup styles, and even unique yet fashionable hairstyles.

And as one would expect in this kdrama of ghosts and thousand years hotel cast flash out in exceptional outfits. Thanks to her incredible fashion taste, IU’s hotel del Luna outfits alone are eternal and modern, which is a stand-alone statement. Whatever the occasion, you can always feel a vintage vibe from IU’s hotel del Luna outfits.

4. Fascinating Clues that keep you hooked

Hotel del luna chemistry
Incredible plot twist and great chemistry between IU and Yeo

Most kdrama shows are known to utilize flashbacks, and this show does it even better. For example, in the first episodes of this series, they use flashbacks to reveal small snippets of Man Wol’s past. This is a great trick used to create curiosity and make the storyline even more engaging and attractive to follow.

And to make it even better, they also incorporate foreshadowing to make you even more eager to want to know if the foreshadowed event will actually come to life. For example, in one scene, the disappearing ghost in Room 13 revealed what could happen to Man Wol in the future to Chan Sung.

In another scene, we also see Seo Yi-sook who play as Mago opening the door for a pet to escape unfortunately it chose to stay in with their owners. This is a clear illustration of real-life – the divine power versus human free will. The reality is that God can open the door for you to succeed in life, but the main choice lies with you.

5. The Generous Humor

IU and Yeo Jin-goo In hotel del luna episode 13
IU and Yeo Jin-goo In episode 13

Despite having clues that keep you curious and eager, this show also features a touch of generous humor. Of course, no show will be complete without some sense of humor in it. This show, in particular, features the Hong Sisters’ trademark humor which helps bring a delicate balance between horror, romance, and comedy.

Remember, the Hotel Del Luna series is more of an emotional type of series. This means you will go through heavier, more emotional scenes throughout the entire series. Therefore, adding humor helps bring balance and makes the show even more fun to watch.

6. cast of hotel de luna korean drama

cast of hotel de luna korean drama
Leading characters in Hotel Del Luna

The main characters of the cast of hotel de luna korean drama are Jang man Wol and Geo Chan-sung, played by IU and Yeo Jin-Goo(koo chan sung), respectively. IU, which stands for “I and YOU,” is Lee Ji Eun’s pseudonym. She is not only a hotel del luna actress but a singer and a songwriter as well. Man Wol’s story captivates you right from the start, and she is a clear representation of the role and character she plays.

The performance of Hotel Del Luna characters(pyo ji hoon, chung myung hotel del luna, jung ji eun hotel del luna and so on) is the key factor that attracts viewers each day. Their nourishing on-screen chemistry, excellent fashion choice, and incredible acting skills will definitely pique your interest in the hit series.

7. The dominating Original Soundtracks (OSTs)

IU sings special OST for Hotel del Luna

Original soundtracks are another important piece that makes up a film. This is because by simply listening to these songs anywhere, you can be like; ooh, that’s the Goblin’s theme song, Vicenzo’s or Hotel Del Luna’s. These OSTs also do give the series some level of identity and fame.

Hotel Del Luna, therefore, has some of the best original music that has actually dominated the music charts. Different music by Taeyeon, Gummy, Paul Kim, and BEN (the common chart-toppers) added some buzz to this series. This is not only because well-known singers sang them but more simply because of how well synchronized they are to relevant scenes throughout the series.

You can listen to a full album of Hotel Del Luna OSTs on Spotify


After watching this incredible piece of the show, I can simply conclude by saying that ‘this TV series is one of the many masterpieces of Korean television.” From cast of hotel de luna korean drama, Hotel del Luna fashion, lovely actors, and storyline to dominating OSTs are just a few reasons why it is a hit show.

To complete this review, it is important to note that this drama explores the central theme or idea, which is “Letting Go.” It shows how letting goes of your resentment, selfish love, and hate is beneficial to your wellbeing. Instead, it encourages forgiveness, unselfish love, self-love, and letting go. These are very meaningful and thought-provoking ideas not only for the settings of the drama but because they have a place in our lives.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then you should check out some of the best of IU’s Hotel Del Luna’s fashionable outfits for fashion inspiration.

You can also stream Hotel del Luna tv series now on Netflix.

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