Best Crash Landing on You Fashion Ideas: How to Look Like CLOY Stars

Best Crash Landing on You Fashion Ideas: How to Look Like CLOY Stars

Crash landing on you fashion styles and outfits

Best Crash Landing on You Fashion Ideas: How to Look Like CLOY Stars

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Crash Landing on You (CLOY) is an exciting TV show to watch. It’s an epic love story between a South Korean heiress and a North Korean soldier. The unlikely love saga keeps us captivated at every point. But the most prominent thing you will notice is Crash Landing on You fashion.

The cast of CLOY includes big names. Son Ye-jin is the leading lady cast called Yoon Se-ri. And Hyun Bin is cast opposite her as Ri Jeong-hyeok. Seo Ji-hye, Kim Jung-Hyun, and Yoon Ji-min also play essential roles. Also, the male lead has a group of friends in the Army called Company Five. This includes Yang Kyung-won, Lee Shin-young, Yoo Su-bin, and Tang Joon-sang.

So, have you watched this incredible piece of drama? If so, Let’s have a recap of the show once again!

crash landing on you (CLOY)leading cast
crash landing on you cast

The popular TV show proves there are no geographical boundaries when it comes to love. Yoon Se-ri is a hotshot business lady. She runs a successful fashion and beauty business. Also, she is the heiress to her father’s business group, along with her stepbrothers.

She enjoys a luxurious yet lonely lifestyle. But things change when a paragliding accident leads her into the arms of Ri Jeong-hyeok. He is a Captain in Korean People’s Army. He is an introverted, upright young man. But the female lead adds colors into his monotonous life.

Hyun Bin’s character arrests her, but she escapes. Then she accidentally reaches his village, where he helps her hide from patrol officers. After several unsuccessful attempts, she finally makes her way back home. But the lovebirds keep missing each other. After a few months, Jeong-hyeok visits South Korea and poses as Se-ri’s bodyguard.

The show is full of ups and downs. But it has a happy ending, much to the fans’ delight. You will love looking at Crash Landing on You clothes. Also, we got so excited when the news broke about the leading couple. Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin started dating after the project ended. And the real-life couple’s romance is going strong.

2. Crash Landing on You Fashion

crash landing main fashion
CLOY fashion inspiration from your favorite cast

Kdrama fashion speaks in every scene. You can’t ignore the glamorous and elegant dressing of the cast or Hyun Bin’s haircut, and stylish suits are worth watching. In fact, you may want to buy Crash Landing on You Seri sunglasses because they’re fashionably designed glasses. Also, Seo Dan Crash Landing on You fashion is well on-point and will keep you captivated more so if you are a fashion enthusiast.

Now it’s time to share with you some stylish outfits and accessories from the loved show.

Son Ye-Jin  (Yoon Se-Ri)Crash Landing On You Fashion

Son ye-jin CLOY fashion
Son ye-jin CLOY incredible outfits

Son Ye-jin started acting by featuring in Delicious Proposal in 2001. Later on, she made her mark with Great Ambition, Summer Scent, Spotlight, and Secret Garden. She also starred in many movies such as The Classic, April Show, and The Last Princess. It’s no surprise that she bagged a myriad of awards for her marvelous performances.

In Crash Landing on You, her clothing, sunglasses, bags, and shoes add to her charm.

Crash Landing on You Seri Sunglasses

Son Yejin Square frame Sunglasses in Crash Landing on You
Son Yejin's Square frame Sunglasses

Episode 10 is bittersweet to watch. Seri goes back to her country after an emotional goodbye kiss. This is when she takes back control of the Queen’s Group. Also, Jeong-Hyeok remembers Seung-jun’s help in Seri’s escape. You can see her wearing stylish sunglasses in this episode.

Burgundy Sunglasses worn by Son Yejin in CLOY
Burgundy Sunglasses worn by Son Yejin

You may want to buy Crash Landing on You sunglasses our female lead wore in Episode 11. The highlight of the episode is Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong-hyeok’s reunion. He reaches South Korea after lots of struggles. After that, they did spend a lovely time with each other. Both of them enjoy shopping and try out delicious meals.

Yoon Seri Scene Outfits

Son Ye-jin wearing Fur Collar Parka
Fur Collar Parka

Aside from Crash Landing on You Seri sunglasses, you can get inspiration from her outfits. Do you plan to take a trip during cold months? Then this fur collar coat will keep you warm. Son Yejin wore this beautiful outfit in the 10th episode.

Son Yejin's Crash Landing on You fashion
Son's White Drape Blazer Dress

Ye-jin can help you choose the most suitable professional outfits. She looks stunning in the white blazer she wore in the first episode.

Son ye-jin wearing Green Floral Stretch-silk Dress
Green Floral Stretch-silk Dress

You may plan to go on a lovely date with your partner. For that, you can copy the look of your favorite actress by ordering this silk dress. She wore it in the episode during a social event.

Colorblock Mohair Cardigan cloy outfit
Colorblock Mohair Cardigan

Or you may want a laid-back look for casual outings. Then a cardigan in bright colors has you covered.

Lifelong Heart Pierced Earrings White, Rose-gold tone plated of Son Yejin in Crash Landing on You
Son's white Lifelong Heart Pierced Earrings with plated Rose-gold tone

Crash Landing on You fashion is the ultimate guide for you. A stylish handbag with a pair of dangling earrings completes your perfect look.

Medium Leather Shoulder Bag of Son Yejin in Crash Landing on You
Leather Shoulder Bag

Hyun Bin (Ri Jeong-hyeok) Crash Landing On You Fashion

Hyun-Bin fashion in crash landing on you
Hyun-Bin fashion in crash landing on you

Hyun Bin has been a part of the Korean drama industry since 2003. His famous TV projects include Memories of the Alhambra, The Snow Queen, and Hyde Jekyll, Me. In fact, he has starred in many movies and is among the highest-paid Korean actors. The actor got fame with Rampant, The Swindlers, and Confidential Assignment. He also appeared in reality shows, music videos, and commercials.

In this TV show, Hyun Bin looks as stylish as ever. His acting skills are remarkable. But the outfits he wore make him irresistible. He looks stylish in suits and coats he wore when he visited Son Yejin. But he looks equally handsome in casual sweaters and army dresses.

Hyun Bin Outfits and Watches

Do you remember this suit Jeong-hyeok tried on when they went shopping? A salesgirl got impressed and complimented him. But our cute Se-ri got jealous, and he didn’t buy the suit. After all, our dashing hero cares for his lady love.

Silk and Wool Suit of Hyun Bin in Crash Landing on You
Hyun Bin rocking in a Silk and Wool Suit

The actor got a new haircut for the show. While it was the character’s requirement, it suits him well. So, during his stay in Korea, the character posed as a bodyguard. In episode 14, he showed off an elegant long coat.

Top Coat of Hyun Bin in CLOY
Black Top Coat outfit

Nothing feels more comfortable than a warm sweater with a pair of trousers. Hyun Bin appears in a casual outfit in episode 14. It’s the perfect combination for cold winter nights. You can listen to his advice to stay warm and look charming. This is what makes Crash Landing on You fashion different from other TV shows.

Hyun Bin in Crash Landing on You fashioned sweater
Hyun Bin in a Blend Knit Sweater

When it comes to a stylish look, you can’t ignore a good watch. Alpine Eagle is among the major sponsors of the show. Their modern watches are on the show in many episodes. However, we can’t get enough of Jeong-hyeok. He looks striking in dark-colored suits. But the Alpine Eagle watch he chose in episode 12 is something we can’t forget.

Hyun Bin wearing a Alpine Eagle Watch

Seo Ji-hye( Seo Dan) Crash Landing on You Fashion

Seo Ji-hye fashion
Seo Ji-hye fashion

Seo Ji-hye is amongst the well-known Kdrama actresses. She made her debut with All in on SBS Network. Her first movie was a horror film, Voice. From Ice Girl to The Suicide Forecast and Whisper, she made an appearance in many projects. For Crash Landing on You, she won the Bazaar Icon Award at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.

She plays the role of Seo Dan in Crash Landing on You. The supporting actress is the fiance of Hyun Bin’s character at the start of the show. But she prevents their wedding when she finds out her fiance never loved her. Later on, she develops feelings for Gu Seung-jun.

Seo Dan Crash Landing on You Outfits 

Floral designs go well with casual clothes as well as chic outfits. But it’s not always easy to choose the suitable floral jackets. Seo Dan wore a stylish jacket in episode 16. And you can get the same floral jacket to become the center of attention.

Floral Embroidered Sequined Jacket
Seo rocking in a Floral Embroidered Sequined Jacket

Seo Ji Hye’s perfect look in episode 9 is amongst our favorites. She looks ready for travel without overdoing fashion. We also want to buy the trench coat to look like our favorite Kdrama actress. It’s your go-to Seo Dan Crash Landing on You outfit for any event.

Pieced Trench Coat in crash landing on you
Pieced Trench Coat

You can see Seo Ji Hye carrying classy handbags throughout the show. Whether she is onboarding the plane or strolling around, she is carrying one. It’s important to choose a bag that goes with your outfit. And this Alcove handbag in red can make your choice easier.

Small Alcove Handbag in Grainy Calfskin of Seo Ji Hye in Crash Landing on You
Seo's Small Alcove Handbag in Grainy Calfskin

Lastly, you may also need suggestions about accessories that suit your outfit. Take inspiration from Crash Landing scene outfits to further boost your appearance. Seo Dan Crash Landing on You fashion guide also includes attractive earrings. Get these branded silver earrings if you want to represent Kdrama fashion.

3. Conclusion

Who doesn’t want to be a fashionista like their favorite Kdrama stars? Let us know which Crash landing on you fashion style you like the most.

If you’re interested in any of the above outfits, watches, glasses, etc., check out K-drama fashion stores. We have a variety of outfits from different shows as well, so, be sure to check it out.  

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