Extraordinary Attorney Woo Fashion: Kdrama Outfits

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Fashion: Kdrama Outfits

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Fashion: Kdrama Outfits

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo can be a quite intellectually engaging and enjoyable show, thanks to its comprehensive plot. However, talking about this show’s impressive storyline without touching on Extraordinary Attorney Woo Fashion or outfits will be understating this show.

Like other top kdrama series, their fashion choice is undoubtedly impressive and worth talking about. This show features incredible fashion sense, from Woo-young pompom short vest to her eye-catching beige reversible crop outer.

So, if you’re a kdrama fashion enthusiast, then you will definitely like these memorable outfits in the Attorney Woo drama series.  

And so, here are some of the memorable Extraordinary Attorney Woo outfits!

a) Woo Young-woo Extraordinary Attorney Woo outfits

1.Beige Reversible Crop Outer

Made of 90% TASMANIA WOOL blend reversible fabric and self-developed 10% CASHMERE, this Beige jacket is uniquely comfy and beautiful. And with a relaxed silhouette used, you can rock on this jacket all year round.

With delicate yet quality materials used to make this jacket, dry cleaning is recommended. This is an important thing to note if you are considering buying this jacket to prevent it from deforming. This is one of the incredibly fashioned outfits in this series attorney Woo wore.

2. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

One of the notable instances in episode one was when Eun-Pin was seen wearing wireless noise-canceling headphones. This gave her a different outlook which is not commonly associated with most Kdrama female leads. This black headphone is from Sennheiser.

3. Lace pajama lilac check

Park Eun-bin pajama information (Ep#12)

Get a relaxed sleep by wearing Woo Young’s lace pajama_lilac pajama. The vintage sensibility pair pajama is sexy and made from 100% Cotton.

4. Wool-Blend Collar MTM

Park Eun-bin mtm information (Ep#1-4)

This loose-cut Wool-Blend Collar MTM is another eye-catching outfit that Woo-young wore in this show. The outfit is made from wool and cashmere, which make it comfortable and warm. In addition, this material makes it easy to clean as it doesn’t hold on to dirt.

The sailor collar on the Hoodie pullover sweatshirt gives it that relaxed fit. It is also long-sleeved and slim fit fitted. You can wear this outfit all year through, so get yourself one today and be the next Eun-Pin at your home.


Woo Young-woo outfits of vest information (Ep#11)

This fashionable pompom short vest is another notable outfit that Eun Pin wore in the Extraordinary Attorney Woo Netflix hit series. The Pompom short vest from Wconcept is a down V-neck sleeveless open-front vest.

It is ideal as outwear as it is an oversized cardigan sweater. The short vest is also perfect for wearing during the spring and summer seasons.

b) Dong Geu-rami’s extraordinary Attorney Woo outfits

6. Overfit mohair knit

Dong Geurami outfits of knit information (Ep 13)

If you are looking for something unique and simple yet stylish, then overfit mohair knit sweater is the best choice to go with it here. Just look at how it looks on Geu-rami, and you will agree with me that it will definitely enhance fashion style as well as improve your wardrobe.

This Lightweight crochet cardigan from Blumin comes with a Side Pocket. It is also a well-knitted sweater blouse that you can wear in different seasons. His Cardigan sweater gives you that modern, edgy look that most youth like. 

7. Sasha Coleridge print shirt

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Dong Geu-rami outifts of shirt information

This shirt is undoubtedly one of the classic Extraordinary Attorney Woo Dong Geu-rami outfits. The shirt comes in various beautiful designs. So, if the one that Geu rami wore doesn’t appeal to your taste, you can simply click the picture and see other unique close matching designs.

Upgrade your blouse wardrobe today with this top graphic button-down shirt from Musinsa.

8. Blue-washed denim bra top

Joo Hyun-young top information

This denim bra top is inspired by the classic denim menswear that is back padded for comfortable wear.

9. Double Heart Chain Necklace

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Dong Geurami Necklace information

The double heart Dong Geu rami chain necklace is a handmade 14K gold plated. This choker neckless is daintily layered with a tiny love heart for women.

The neckless is ideal as a gift for different occasions such as engagements, anniversaries, weddings, or any other similar special party. It is an Adjustable pendant Chain neckless thus can fit almost anyone.

Among all the Extraordinary Attorney Woo jewelry, this is the best gift you can get for your girl, spouse, or any woman you ought to be surprised by.

c) Choi Soo-Yeon Extraordinary Attorney Woo Fashion

10. Ha Yoon-Kyung tweed button jacket

This eye-catching jacket from Bylynn features a flattering shape that makes it ideal for different occasions. The jacket is tailored from yellow tweed and with a four-button design. It is a well-refined jacket to suit both style and comfort.    

The round neck and long sleeve design fit well with the modern minimalist yet fashionable look.

11. Yoon-Kyung tweed button flared skirt

Match up your tweed button jacket with a stylish tweed-slared skirt. This dress is classy as it fits both formal and casual occasions, with a proper display of fashion. It is important to note that you can get this skirt in different designs, colors, and materials as well. And so, if you aren’t a fan of yellow or tweeted skirts, you can check our close-up match by simply clicking on the picture.

This high-waisted skirt is designed with a midi button front and pockets for style and convenience.


Fancy a double-breasted military-style blazer? If so, then this is the ideal choice for you. This stylish blazer that Choi Soo-Yeon wore in Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a formal lady’s coat made from quality cotton blends. The blazer is also available in more than one color and more than one design as well.

Button closure and front crossover fastening for a perfect fit. One thing to note from the picture above is that it doesn’t have slant flap pockets like most of its close-match designs have.

13. Sterling Silver Circle Dangle Earrings

Besides outfits, Choi Soo-Yeon also wore some stunning and stylish jewelry in extraordinary attorney woo. One of the noticeable pieces of jewelry for us is the white gold plated S925 sterling silver circle dangle earrings from DALUDALU.

This 14K gold link dangle earring is a perfect gift for yourself, your girl, spouse, or friend. The hypoallergenic and simple Huggie Hoop design is good for sensitive ears.

d) Kang Tae-oh Extraordinary Attorney Woo Fashion

14. Slim Linen ST Color Matching Snap Violet Shirt

Get yourself looking nice like Kang Tae with this slim Linen ST Color Matching snap violet shirt. This standard-fit long sleeve shirt is easy to care for, so you don’t have to worry about how to wash it. Furthermore, it is also a very comfortable and stretchy poplin shirt that is wrinkle-resistant.

Also, keep in mind that this quality shirt is available in different designs, colors, and sizes as well.

15. New Balance Taslan Windbreaker Jacket

Kang Tae-oh fashion hood information (Ep 13)

If you are a fan of Windbreaker Jackets, then this Tommy Hilfiger light hood that Kang Tae wore in Extraordinary Attorney woo is the best choice to go with. It is lightweight that is suitable for spring and summer. Furthermore, this New Balance jacket is designed to be water-resistant, and it is a Zip-up fashion.

It is made from polyester and has no buttons; just zip up, and you are set to rock. This Pullover jacket comes with an adjustable bungee cord at the hood and welt pockets. It is a washable machine design, so you don’t have to worry about the stress of handwashing it.

To wrap it up is a packable design featuring binding at the sleeves.

e) Extraordinary Attorney Woo shoes

16. Woo-Young penny loafer pumps

If you plan to update your shoe wardrobe, the best way to start is by getting this Penny loafer. These closed-toe shoes feature 7cm chunky heels that are not only stylish but sturdy as well. Furthermore, they are set on a platform sole.

These classy shoes can perfectly match any outfit, making them extremely versatile and perfect for different occasions. They are available in two main colors; black and brown. 

17. Super cozy whale indoor slippers

These animal novelty indoor slippers are another ideal accessory that will upgrade your wardrobe. They are as sturdy as they are stylish, and more importantly, they are soft and warm. In fact, you can feel the warmth immediately when you put on these super cozy slippers.

The manufacturing of this slipper featured high-end technology to enable to experience both astute luxury and comfort. They are anti-slip slippers and are the best girl fashion for women’s accessories and outfits in this show.

f) Extraordinary Attorney Woo watches

18. Whale watch

Made by Comein under the brand Xorbit7 this table clock of Humpback whale Breach comes in a minimalist design. It features a few customization options which give it that clean, flawless look. T

This watch is made from old wood for a crafty look. It can be hunged on the wall or sitted on your desk or table. To that fancy look, the watch features a crated whale set up on a pendulum connected to a magnet for free side-to-side continuous swing.  

19. Kang Tae Spirit Tonneau Men’s Watch

GC Spirit Tonneau men’s watch is made from silicone band  Stainless Steel making it as sturdy as it is stylish. This Chronograph timepiece is water resistant (upto a depth of 30 meters).

Besides being a highly detailed watch with visible screw design details on the gun metal PVD bezel, the watch is pretty comfortable to wear. This is simply because it is fitted with leather-coated silicone straps that ensure supreme comfort.

g) Other Best Extraordinary Attorney Woo merchandise

20. Lupo 14k yellow necklace

Light up the occasion with this Lupo 14k yellow necklace. The necklace has a shiny and luster finish to beautifully reflect the light from the surrounding. In any event, this necklace is a guaranteed hit, thanks to the high polished gold used in finishing it.

Overall, it is a lightweight, classy, practical, and comfortable pendant.

22. Cozy Park Eun-bin whale hat

Get yourself this warm, cozy, and stylish whale plush hat from Coupang. The Woo-Young whale hat is unique and stylish.

23. Woo Young whale Toy

Are you a toy lover? If so, then these Cotton Soft whale toys are the perfect choice for you. These stuffed animal giant hugging soft pillows are the best company toys and are the perfect gifts for kids or valentines days.

These giant whale toys are made from high-quality soft stretch fabrics (elastic PP cotton) for softer and more comfortable hugs. The lovely thing about these toys is that they feature realistic designs and are ideally good toys for playing, hugging, and sleeping with.

24. Whale key chain

There are no limits to where your fashion sense should reach. Therefore, you can elaborate on even the smaller outfit details or things, such as key chains. The whale key chain is one of the much smaller fashion merchandise in the realm of Extraordinary Attorney woo outfits or fashions.

This stuffed animal plush keychain features a killer whale as a decorative accessory. It is a stylish, minimalistic, and functional design.

h) Other Best Extraordinary Attorney Woo accessories

25. Straw hat

This lightweight straw hat is a stylish and functional old-school design that comes with a hook and loop closure. As noted, it is a lightweight hat, weighing only 6 ounces.

The hook and loop incorporated into this hat make it an adjustable design. This means you can easily adjust the head size for a perfect fit. You can get this Hat on Amazon.

26. Irina shoulder bag

Ha Yoon-kyung bag information (Ep 12)
Ha Yoon-kyung bag information (Ep 12)

A final piece in our list of top Extraordinary attorney woo outfits is the Irina shoulder bag. This top handle bag is made from croc-embossed leather. It comes with a faceted chain fitted with a delicate adjustable leather crossbody strap for both style and functionality.

The bag is also designed with a front flap compartment with a magnet for magnetic lock closure and finished with hand-painted cut edges.

Final Thoughts

That is all about some of our top Extraordinary attorney woo fashion picks. If you’re looking for more flashy and stylish Extraordinary attorney woo outfits be sure to check out our kdrama fashion section.

Unlike other top Kdrama series such as Goblin and Crash Landing on You fashion, Extraordinary Attorney woo features many beautiful accessories/toys. For example, the whale toys or whale key chains.

And so, if you find any of our listed outfits, toys, or accessories appealing and perfect for you, be sure to order them now and get them delivered to you ASAP.

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