Extraordinary Attorney Woo MBTI Personality Type

Extraordinary Attorney Woo MBTI Personality Type

Extraordinary Attorney Woo MBTI Personality Type

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Have you watched Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the new trending Netflix hit series? Well, if you haven’t, you need to catch up with the rest of us. The show is currently streaming on Netflix, so be sure to check it out.

Since this show is of interest to most of us, we have choosen compile a list of  Extraordinary Attorney Woo mbti for top 6 leading casts.

Since it began airing “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” this series raised to the top of Netflix’s 10 most-watched series (non-English). For many weeks now, this series has been topping the charts and has been attracting more audiences daily.

So, what’s this series all about?

Well, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is an interesting series that tells a fantastic story about an autistic lawyer Woo Young-woo, a character played by Park Eun-bin. Woo has an incredibly outstanding memory with a high IQ of 164. However, despite her impressive creative way of thinking, she has poor social skills and low emotional intelligence. Through these disparities, we can be able to see a character struggling to socially interact with other people due to her personality.

And so, this begs a big question; what is Attorney Woo’s MBTI personality type?  

Here are MBTI Personality Types for Extraordinary Attorney Woo 6 leading characters according to Netizens’ votes.

The show in itself is entertaining. It is one of the shows that features no villain, which is quite surprising tom Most kdrama lovers. However, all the character plated their roles quite well and delivered impressive performance throughout the entire series.

And so, what mbti type is each of the characters in Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

1. What MBTI is Woo Young-Woo?

Woo Young Woo Extraordinary Attorney Woo MBTI
Woo Young Woo

Main characteristics of INTP of Young Woo

*Logical and Insightful



According to netizens’ votes on personality database her personality type is INTP – also known as the thinker.

This personality type represents individuals that are mostly quiet and introverted. In addition, they possess a richer inner world and are well thought of as creative thinkers. They are not outgoing due to their poor social skills and enjoy their company more than spending time with friends.

As noted earlier, Woo played by Park eun-bin has an incredible photographic memory and a high IQ. Thanks to these attributes, she has managed to excel in many areas of her law career as well as education. Unfortunately, she struggles to create a real connection with people. This is simply because she has a low social IQ, and she has autism. 

For example, in one scene of this drama, we see her memorizing a book when she was young. This scene showcased her abilities. Furthermore, how she makes decisions as a lawyer is based more on thinking rather than feeling. This is why she shows no emotional reaction when dealing with any case.

2. Choi Su-Yeon – ESFJ

Choi Su Yeon Extraordinary Attorney Woo cast
Choi Su Yeon

Choi Su-Yeon Personality type ESFJ – also known as the Caregiver. Being a soft-hearted and outgoing person, he fits well as Woo-young best friend.

Her key attributes include:



*Loving and caring

*Natural collaborator and value competing positively

Choi is Woo Young-Woo’s best friend. They met at university when both of them were studying law, and now they are working together in the same attorney’s office. This character is played by the talented Ha Yoon-Kyung.

In Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Choi Su-Yeon is a kind and considerate person loved by most netizens. Some even say he is greater than the ESTJ guy, Kwon Min-Woo; do you agree with this?

In Episode 5, Choi is given the nickname “Spring’s Sunshine” by Young Woo after Soo Yeon requested her for a nickname. This title fits hers best as we see Young Woo express how she has always been there for her since when their university days.

Here are some of the notable instances showing how good she has been to Young Woo:

**When Young-woo is struggling with the revolving doors in episode 1, she goes back and helps her through

**She helped open Young Woo’s bottle for her

**In episode 6, She gives up on her crush on Woo Young Woo as she worries about breaking her heart.

**She stood up for Young Woo when an anonymous post came up that she was favorably hired because her father approached the CEO. In fact, she pointed out how unfair it is that Young Woo has worked hard to be where she is, but they are trying to discredit her.

These acts of kindness, along with many other acts, showcased how good a person she is. Her caregiving trait made her one of the most loved casts in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

This is what I can call the true beauty mbti – the art of caring and loving.

For reference, netizens speculate that another famous Korean drama, true beauty mbti Lim Joo-kyung, is an ESFJ like her.

3. Dong Geu-Rami – ENTP

Dong Geu Rami Extraordinary Attorney Woo MBTI
Dong Geu Rami

ENTP is the ideal Dong Geu-Rami played by Joo Hyun-young, personality type in this show. ENTP individuals are also known as Debaters.



*Loves new ideas

But why so? Well, they have a highly inventive character trait that makes them like being involved in several projects. A new idea for them sounds like gold as it drives their curious and inventive mind. However, despite the fact that they start many new projects, they tend not to finish most if not all of them. This is simply because they get bored easily and looks for new ideas that will trigger their emotions.

And so, does this sounds like Dong Rami to you?

Well, yes. In fact, ENTP is a personality type that fits her best among the rest. She does what she wants and how she feels, and this is seen in episode 10 when she doesn’t hang up on her boss even though he says he was on a date.

Furthermore, she is energetic, spontaneous, highly reactive, and lives in the moment. These are just a few characteristics that describe her extroverted sensation seen in this Netflix hits series.

4. Lee Joon-Ho – ENFJ

Lee Joon Ho Extraordinary Attorney Woo cast
Lee Joon Ho

Lee Joon-Ho‘s mbti personality type : ENFJ – The giver.




*Good heart

*Values morality and human decency

It is pretty easy to note this personality trait as he is a more understanding and generous person. Besides that, Lee is also a loyal and sensitive individual.

He is quite obvious for most Netizens to see; he is a really nice guy. “Him and Woo are made for each other,” and I guess we all agree on this. In fact, that combination slaps like nothing else; that’s why most of us can’t wait to see these power couples run the show.

As always, he says and does the right things, is easy to get along with, and conducts himself in a pleasing way. Focusing on other people’s needs before focusing on his proves that he is a Fe dom. More often, he tries to keep other people comfortable by picking up on their needs.

In the Extraordinary Attorney Woo series, Lee Joon-Ho is basically the best ENFJ character, and this is why:

In Episode 11, the back-hug cushion scene. During the heart-rending moment when the husband of a woman that Young Woo had to save suddenly died, Young Woo had a meltdown. And at this moment, Lee ran over to her and hugged her tightly until she calms down.

If you have watched Crash Landing On You, then you can easily notice that Lee has crash landing on you MBTI characteristics of Yoon Se-ri. He is meticulous, good heart, responsible and in peace with everyone. ENFJs interest in other is the key attribute that characterize them.

5. Kwon Min-Woo – ESTJ

Extraordinary Attorney Woo cast Kwon Min Woo MBTI personality type
Kwon Min Woo

ESTJ characteristics include:

*Doesn’t like losing


*Instantly gratified

Well, most people, including us, like this character at the beginning, but by the fifth episode, things started changing. The main reason is that he is a Te dominant; that’s why netizens vote him as an ESTJ MBTI personality type.

Yes, Kwon Min is an ambitious, hardworking individual. However, he is a cunny and manipulative individual in that he uses lower Fe to get himself likable by getting under people’s skin. He is such an annoying person and like using brutal choices of work which doesn’t sit well with others.

I haven’t seen any Ni in him so far. The most prevent attribute seen is his lust for instant gratification due to his several sneaky plans. In fact, looking for momentary satisfaction and caring less about the future seems like an underdeveloped and short-sighted ESTJ. Besides being called tactician in university, his Si short-sights him, and most of his plans are derived from Ne.

Kwon’s rant in episode 7 claiming that Attorney Woo is receiving preferential treatments shows how he is self-obsessed. He claims that because of it, he is disadvantaged even though he never works well with most co-workers, unlike attorney Woo.

This act angered most netizens; some even took to social media to share their disdain for him. Some say the character is real, as if it existed in real life.

Interestingly, netizens speculate that other famous Korean dramas, Hometown cha cha cha mbti Hong Doo-sik and hotel del luna mbti Jang man wol, are ESTJs like him.

6. Jung Myung-Seok – ISTJ

Extraordinary Attorney Woo cast Jung Myung Seok MBTI personality type
Jung Myung Seok

Jung Myung-Seok’s mbti personality type : ISTJ 

*Orderly and well reserved


*smart and diligent

*prudence responsibility


Jung Myung-Seok is the most attractive male character in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, so the netizens say. Okay, okay, okay… we aren’t here to talk about how attractive he is but what his personality is.

Jung is voted ISTJ personality type by netizens. So, is this an accurate representation of him in this show? Well, let’s see!

As we all know, ISTJ (Si-Te-Fi-Ne) is considered the inspector when it comes to describing personalities. These individuals tend to be traditional, orderly, and loyal. They are usually reserved and practical in their days handling. Therefore, are these traits exhibited by Jung Myung-Seok in Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

**SiTe is quite evident in episodes 1 and 2. Notably, he fears trying something new; therefore, he sticks to the safe and common methods. As a result, he always focused more on evidence that is more noticeable. In episode 2, he was surprised when his boss chose to take over the case that he thought was practically unsolvable.

**Initially, Jung was presented as prejudiced toward Young-woo, the female lead. However, after some time, he changed and started protecting and supporting her, thus showing the Fi in him. His character (Fi) developed quite well through the series, and it ended up being amazingly alluring to most viewers.

Overall, with Jung’s professional outlook, that smart and diligent lawyer vibe can easily be seen from him. Besides that, he sometimes seems a self-righteous person, and when it comes to his work, he has a strong sense of pride in it.

And just like Yoon Hye Jin in Hometown Cha Cha Cha mbti, Jung leading personality is Si Dom.

What MBTI type are most lawyers?

According to a study titled “The Lawyer Personality” done by Larry Richard in 1993, ISTJ was come out as the most dominant personality type for lawyers.

*ISTJ – 17.8 %

*INTJ – 13.1%

*ESTJ – 10.3%

*ENTP – 9.7%

*INTP – 9.4%

*ENTJ – 9.0%

Now, how relatable are these results when it comes to specific personalities?

Well, based on Larry’s results of all the surveyed lawyers, they found out that:

*31% of them are introverts.

*41 % live in a structured way and like approaching

Overall, this survey may have been done almost 3 decades ago, but the legal landscape regarding personalities hasn’t changed that much.

Is Extraordinary Attorney Woo based on a webtoon?

The ongoing “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” hit series isn’t actually based on a webtoon. However, since his series has gunned huge attention and popularity within a short time, its webtoon is currently under production.

Naver Webtoon is well known for creating webcomic series based on the hit Kdrama series, and they are now working on this series – according to Naver webtoon. The series will comprise a total of 60 episodes and will include more stories that aren’t included in this drama series.

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo webcomics will initially be available in the Korean language but soon will be translated to languages including Chinese, Japanese, and English.

To Wrap It Up Extraordinary Attorney Woo MBTI

Extraordinary Attorney Woo mbti
Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is currently taking the K-drama world by storm, leading viewers to want to know more about their favorite characters. Based on the series itself, we can easily discover and highlight the top 6 leading characters’ MBTI personality types.

The most common MBTI personality type in Extraordinary Attorney Woo is, without a doubt, the ENTP. The leading cast Woo Young-Woo is INTP, the most liked character Cheo Su-Yeon is ESFJ, and Kwon Min-woo, the most disliked leading character, is ESTJ. 

Besides the incredible storyline and talented actors, this show also features amazing K-drama fashion. If you’re a K-dram fan, then you know how appealing fashion sense is important in any Korean drama. 

And so, if you have already watched this show, let’s know who is your favorite character and what personality type you are.

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