Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Story: Ending Explained

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Story: Ending Explained

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Story: Ending Explained

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Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha story is very relatable, and it is the kind of drama that feels beautiful to watch. It oozes super feel-good and positive vibes while keeping you peaceful and relaxed. To some viewers, they call this drama the ‘healing drama,’ and can’t disagree with that even a bit. It might not be thrilling like Squid Game, but is still one to watch and a highly rated drama with 8.5 on IMDb.

Besides the positive umbra this show emits, it also features the best lead actors perfectly suited to its storyline. In addition, the producers did a fantastic job creating a beautiful piece of drama. The conflicts are relatable, and the storyline takes you through a journey; it is not predictable or cringy at all. It is simply the perfect drama to binge-watch alone with your friends or fiancé.

So, let’s have a quick review of the Hometown cha-cha-cha ending and what to expect in Season 2.

hometown cha-cha-cha story
Hometown Cha-Cha-cha

As noted, the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha story is quite lovely and fulfilling. The series starts with an intelligent and pretty dentist Yoon Hye-jin (played by Shin Min-a), losing her job. This came after she rightly accused her clinic’s head doctor of being too greedy and that they were overcharging their services simply for profits.

And so, after losing her job, she then moved to Gongjin, an idyllic seaside village. And this is where she meets Du-Sik (Kim Seon-ho) and a jack of all trades, a man that is highly respected by the entire village. Du-Sik doesn’t shy away from partaking in any job, even the odd jobs, as long as it helps and benefits his villagers. He is also well known and respected for helping take great care of elders, which is why he is held in high esteem.

Before Du-Sik and Hye-jin start to take a liking of each other, their paths cross a couple of times. Du-Sik could not stop helping Hye-jin out of trouble, and through these, they grow fond of each other and end up marrying each other.

Who are the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha casts? 

Hometown cha-cha-cha cast
Hometown cha-cha-cha casts

Three main characters star in this heartwarming drama:

Shin Min-a plays the role of Yoon Hye-jin, the lead character of the Hometown Cha-Cha-cha cast story. She is a perfectionist and pragmatic dentist that lost her job and started having an awry life which, in turn, made her move to Gongjin.

As a child, Hye-jin’s role was played by Shim Hye-Yeon, and Oh Ye-Joo as a teenager.

Kim Seon-ho, who played the of Hong Du-sik well known as Chief Hong around the village of Gongjin. He is also the Gongjin’s handyman who liked helping the elderly. In addition, he can’t stop helping with any random task that his neighbors need assistance with.

Song Min-Jae plays the role of Hong Du-sik as a child, while An Seong-won and Moon Sung-Hyun as the young and grown teenager, respectively.

Lee Sang-yi, who plays Ji Seong-Hyun, is a bright personality and workaholic individual who is a director in a variety of show productions.

The supporting cast includes:

Gong Min-jeung as Yo Mi-Seon, a dental hygienist and Hye-jin’s best friend

Hye-jin’s stepmother Lee Myung-shin, a role played by Woo Mi-Hwa

Yoon Tae-Hwa, Hye-jin’s father, which Seo Sang-won plays

Hometown cha-cha-cha ending explained

Du-Sik and Hye-Jin Happy ending
Du-Sik and Hye-Jin Happy ending

While Hyejin and Miseon were in the middle of their weekend trip to Seoul, Hyejin realized that she wasn’t just missing but also Chief Hong (Du-Sik) as well. And at this moment, Hye-jin chose to rush back to the village and confess to Chief Hong, which led to thier starting a relationship.

This led to a whole town celebrating, happy that their chief had now found himself a partner. Du-Sik being a loving and understanding partner plus both trusting each other led to Hye-jin opening up. She finally chose to tell her lover all about her past and the deepest secrets she hadn’t told anyone. However, Du-Sik wasn’t ready to do the same, which led to the Gongjin lovey-dovey break up.

This statement by Hye-jin, “I don’t want to break up with you. I want both of us to have a break until you are ready to open up,” showed that she wanted to handle the entire situation with much care. The fact is Du-Sik is also seeing a therapist after her traumatic past that had a huge impact on his mental health.

After some time, Du-Sik managed to muster the courage to share his hidden secrets. However, his past came out before he could do so himself. This left everyone, including Hye-jin, in shock, while it made him lock himself in his home. Thankfully, Hye-jin goes to him, and he cries his heart out, and he finally tells her everything. All the drama brought him peace after as the only obstacle that kept him caged was gone. He could now have a happy life with Hye-jin.

Finally, in the final episode, Du-Sik gets to propose to her newfound lover at the beach where they first mate. Surprisingly, this came after Hye-jin proposed to him, but he said no as he had come prepared and wanted to do so himself. The series concludes with happy moments for both that show that love can be found in the most unanticipated places and in very simple things.

What happens in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha episode 15?

Hye consoling Du-sik in Episode 15
Hye consoling Du-sik in Episode 15

This is one major event that occurred in episode 15 that most viewers had been waiting for. In this episode of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, the long-hidden Du-Sik’s secret is revealed. In fact, these past secrets are the ones that kept him from seeing a therapist just to keep up with life.

And so, what is Du-Sik’s secret?

You see, Du-Sik once worked in Seoul at an asset management company where he was a promising employee. However, this company faced an economic crisis which led to most people struggling, including ruining a common man’s life.

Du-Sik blamed himself that he had ruined the common man’s (an old guard) life, but the reality is he had done nothing wrong. And so, while he was busy trying to solve the crisis that his company was facing, the old man tried to commit suicide. When this news came to Du-Sik’s attention, he quickly left in a hurry to see the old man, and his closest friend came along with him.

On their way to meet the old man, they got involved in a car accident in which he survived, but his closest friend Park Jeong-u died. This situation reminded him about his grandfather and the fact that he had always believed that he was the reason his grandfather left him. This experience, along with other experiences that came before and after this, made him believe more that the close people in his life will always leave him.  

This traumatic event gave him a nightmare to the extent that he had to go to therapy.

Is Hometown cha-cha-cha returning for Season 2?

hometown cha-cha-cha ending
Hye Jin and Du-sik sharing intimate moment together

Sadly NO, this Netflix hit series is not set to return for season 2.

But why? You may ask.

Well, here are the three main reasons why:

1. This drama’s original script source was only set for one Season

It’s important to note that this drama is a mirror adaptation of Mr. Handy, Mr. Hong, the south Korean 2004 film. This, therefore, means the entire story was all wrapped up in Season One. And so, if Season two is to happen, then they have to go beyond the original script, which isn’t worth spoiling the juice that the first Season brought.

2. The story was well wrapped up in season 1

The story had a happy ending with nothing or less to expect in season 2. In addition, there are almost zero cliffhangers to show that the series can be renewed for a season. Basically, the entire Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha story wrapped itself up nicely in a neat little bow.

After sixteen brilliant episodes, there was no suspense left at all in this heartwarming drama.

3. Most Korean dramas only feature one Season

Most K-drama series don’t overstay their welcome, unlike most television shows in the west. Typically, they only tend to last for a single season unless they have season 2 set or get to renew for season 2. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, in this case, is a remake of another tv show that only had one Season. Furthermore, there is no sign nor pressure to renew the show for the second Season.

Final thoughts

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Happy ending
Happy ending

If you have watched this Netflix hit series, then you will agree with me when I say that the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha story is warm, cool, and refreshing. In fact, it is one of the best romantic k-dramas that feels peaceful to watch. This is because its storyline is all about heartfelt, relatable struggles, no family issues, no power or money crises, and simply beautiful.

Well, it’s kind of sad that there is no Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha season 2, but that will be understandable to all of us. Besides its odd name, everything else in this series was ravishing. And so, if you haven’t watched this drama series, you can simply binge watch it on Netflix along with your friends, family, or fiancé. And if you’re a Kdrama fashion enthusiast and want to see related fashion, go here.

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