Top 17 Itaewon class fashion style: Classic outfits for All KDrama Fans

Top 17 Itaewon class fashion style: Classic outfits for All KDrama Fans

Top 17 Itaewon class fashion style: Classic outfits for All KDrama Fans

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Have you watched the Itaewon Class webtoon yet? In fact, it is one of the hilarious dramas that is based on popular comics. Its unique storyline, powerful performances, and the Itaewon class fashion style sense made the show a big hit.

So, if You may have missed a few episodes during its run-on cable TV, or you may want to binge-watch the show again. If so, then don’t worry; you can do it any time since the show is now available on Netflix and other online streaming platforms.

So, today in this article we will talk more about clothes Itaewon class. Their fashion sense is one of the most exhilarating in the K-drama entertainment industry. We will highlight some of the main actors and their fashionable outfits in different episodes.  

With that said, let’s now start with highlighting the main cast and then dive into their fashion choices.

every member has itaewon class fashion style-which is street fashion
Itaewon Class 2020

The story of Itaewon Class focuses on the lead character Park Sae-ro-yi. He is an aloof high school boy who never compromises on his beliefs.

He once punched his arch-enemy, Jang Geun-woo, who bullied their classmate. Jang Geun-woo’s father, Jang Dae-hee, is a rich and powerful man. He orders Sae-ro-yi to apologize to his son. But the school expels him when he refuses to do so. Later, Jang Geun-woo kills Sae-ro-yi’s father. His father covers up the crime and sends the male lead to jail.

Jang Dae-hee is the chairman of the leading food chain in the country. Park Sae-ro-yi creates a long-term plan to become the leading food business owner. Dae-hee creates a plethora of problems, but he never backs down. In short, the show tells us how he and his team make their dream come true. He faces challenges and avenges his father’s death along the way.

The Itaewon Class cast includes some big names like Park Seo-Joon playing the lead role. Alongside him is Kim Da-mi, who actually got her first project as the female lead in this drama. Kim inspired us as the Manager of Park Sae-ro-yi’s pub, Danbum. Also, Yoo Jae-Myung, Oh Soo-ah, and Ahn Bo-Hyun played their supporting roles well. Overall, one of the best things about the show is their classic Itaewon Class outfit that shows good taste in fashion.

2. Itaewon Class Fashion Style

Itaewon Class fashion & outfits
Itaewon Class fashion & outfits

Who knew Korean men’s street fashion could be this attractive?

This amazing show introduced us to a variety of clothing choices. You don’t need to buy expensive clothes and accessories to look as fashionable as them. In fact, Affordable Korean clothing brands can make you look attractive without breaking the bank.

itaewon class fashion saeroyi: Korean Men’s Street Fashion

Park Seo-Joon itaewon class fashion style
Park Seo-Joon Streatwear outfits in Itaewon class film

Park Seo Joon‘s Itaewon Class haircut became the talk of the town. But he got this distinctive haircut to fit into the character. Surprisingly, the male lead in the Itaewon Class webtoon has the same haircut. And we can’t deny this look goes well on our handsome hero!

Episodes 1-5 outfits

Park Seo Joon is a remarkable actor who leaves us in awe with his performance. He is the champion of rom-com shows. But this drama proved he can master any role.

The starting episodes focus on his struggles to achieve dreams that seem impossible. His character goes through unthinkable hardships. But he succeeds in the end. Also, the choice of Park outfits grabs our attention. His Itaewon class fashion sense is quite unique and commanding.

Simple sweatshirts, Itaewon class boots, and Itaewon class jacket look good on him. In episode 5, you can see him wearing a crew neck sweatshirt with dark-colored pants. He represents Korean men’s street fashion.

Crew Neck Sweatshirt of Park Seo-Joon in ITEAWON CLASS
Crew Neck Sweatshirt -Simple but Stylish

In episode 5, he goes to a bar with his teenage crush, where Kim Da-mi joins them for a drink. In this scene, Seo-Joon is wearing a Reversible MA-1 Lettering jacket with a hoodie. It’s among the leading Korean street fashion brands, and the combination never looked better!

Park Seo Joon rocking 19FW Reversible MA-1 Lettering Jumper
Seo Joon rocking a 19FW Reversible MA-1 Lettering Jumper

Episodes 6-10 outfits

Kim Da-mi joins DanBam as a Manager. She is also a social media celebrity. This is why she proves to be a great help with business marketing. Also, she encourages Seo-Joon to appear in a famous TV show. Geun-woo bribes the show producers to cancel the show. But he makes his mark with a trademark black leather jacket.

Itaewon Class Park Seo-Joon in a Black leather Jacket
Fancy Black Leather Jacket

The lead character partners with a Director of Jangga Group. Kim Hye-Eun supports him in his mission to bring down the chairman. He secretly meets her in episode 7. Aside from this story development, you may also notice a unique fashion choice picked. In this scene, Park Seo Joon looks handsome in a Nylon Puffer Jacket.

Park Seo Joon wearing a 9FW Nylon Goose Down Half Neck Puffer Jacket
Park wearing a 9FW Nylon Goose Down Half Neck Puffer Jacket

Episodes 11-16 outfits

During the latter half of the show, Park Seroyi transforms his restaurant into an IC Group. The chef in his team wins a cooking show which further helps the brand. Also, he recognizes his love for Kim Da-mi’s character, who stayed with him during tough times.

Staples Edition Double Breasted Tailored Coat of Park Seo-Joon
Staples Edition Double Breasted Tailored Coat

In these episodes, Seo Joon appears in many stylish outfits. For his elegant clothing style, he deserves a spot in a Korean lookbook.

Oversized Checked Cotton Primaloft Overshirt of Park Seo-Joon
Park in an oversized Checked Cotton Primaloft Overshirt

Itaewon class kim da-mi fashion: Itaewon Class fashion sense

Kim Da-mi Itaewon class fashion
Kim Da-mi Unique fashion style

The flamboyant female lead, Kim Da-mi, captured attention in every scene, from episode one to the season finale. She looks flawless, her fashion sense, acting, and looks – everything is on point. Don’t you agree?

Episodes 1-5 outfits

Kim Da-mi went through a major transformation for the role. She got an Itaewon Class haircut, Itaewon class leather jacket, and dyed her hair. In the show, she wears casual yet stylish clothes. Also, she complements her outfits with modern accessories, from bags to necklaces; you can’t ignore her aura. In fact, she looks enthralling in the first scene of the show. This red Mudidi Outpocket Teddy Coat enhances her beauty.

Kim Da-mi wearing a Red MUDIDI Outpocket Teddy Coat 002
Red MUDIDI Outpocket Teddy Coat 002

In a sad scene, she goes to the rooftop of the restaurant after a fight. We felt bad for the Itaewon Class cast. But her Kara faux leather jacket uplifted our mood.

Kim da mi Rocking in a MEOWBYMINA Bandana JK_Red coat
kim rocking in a MEOWBYMINA Bandana JK_Red coat

In another episode, Jo Yi-Seo went with a stylish outfit. The red leopard jeans with a matching jacket and black shirt complete her perfect look.

VVV Dark Red Leopard Jeans of Kim Da-mi in ITAEWON CLASS
kim's VVV Dark Red Leopard Jeans

Episodes 6-10 outfits 

The lead actress appears in plaid coats when she roams around the city. One time was when she leaves the house in an oversized coat when her mom gets angry. Another time, she accompanies Sae-ro-yi to meet a supplier. No doubt, her multi-colored overcoats, and bags grabbed our attention and complements her looks well.

JOY GRYSON Ruby Cross Bag Maroon LW9AA1320_AR of Kim Da-mi in ITAEWON CLASS
Maroon JOY GRYSON Ruby Cross Bag

Whether it’s a modern chic outfit or casual clothes, Da-mi knows how to carry herself. She meets Park Sae-ro-Yi’s acquaintances for his goal to destroy the enemies. During this meeting, she wears a semi-formal Indiana Jormi Cashmere Cardigan.

Indiana Jormi Cachmere Cardigan of Kim Da-mi in ITAEWON CLASS
Indiana Jormi Cachmere Cardigan

Episodes 11-16 outfits

This leather jacket look is perfect for a casual outing.

Topshop Petite faux leather moto jacket in black
Topshop Petite faux leather moto jacket in black

The actress is popular for her clothes from kdramas fashion. So, she guides us on how to look good at work in her unique way. Check out this olive jacket from a scene:

Prada Double Breasted Coat of Kim Da-mi in ITAEWON CLASS
Prada Double Breasted Coat

Do you want to adopt a bold look? Then the show has the best advice for you. Why don’t you try this combination of a white overcoat with a colored shoulder bag? You can’t go wrong with this ever-green combination!

Kim Da-mi's snakeskin effect shoulder bag in itaewon class
Kim's snakeskin-effect shoulder bag

Supporting Cast Itaewon class fashion

Itaewon class supporting cast
Itaewon class supporting cast

Kwon Nara is the founding member of the girl band Hello Venus. But she proved with her acting debut that she is a great actor too. She displayed poise and elegance throughout the show. Her Itaewon Class fashion style is another outstanding feature of this Kdrama.

Her character is the second female lead of the show. So, she didn’t get her love. And many Kdrama fans faced second-lead syndrome because of this fact. She received a scholarship from Jangga Group for higher studies. After completing her education, she joins the company as Strategic Planning Head. She represents real Kdrama fashion in all scenes.

For instance, you can see her in professional yet stylish attire.

JIMMY CHOO Madeline top handle bag of Kwon Nara
JIMMY CHOO Madeline top handle bag

In another scene, she visits Park Sae-ro-Yi’s restaurant. She chooses a casual coat with black pants for this outing.

Check peaked lapel belted jacket
Check peaked lapel belted jacket

We were gushing over another professional look of Nara when she gave off positive vibes in her blue woolen coat. She matched it with a knee-length skirt and graphic-print tie-neck blouse. Moreover, a white mini bag gives her a swoon-worthy look. Along with this, she wears pretty earrings.

Kwon Nara HAEQIS Earings

Lee Joo-young is another impressive actress. She played the character of Ma Hyeon-yi, who is transgender and the chef at DanBam Restaurant. Her unique hairstyle and hair color suit her. But what makes our heads turn is her selection of outfits.

Lee Joo-young in Itaewon Class fashion oufits
Lee Joo-young in an old-school checked shirt

3. Conclusion

The Itaewon Class webtoon gained massive popularity with over 300 million viewers. The TV show followed in the original webtoon’s footsteps receiving high ratings. Furthermore, Itaewon Class drama got nominations for many awards. Notably, it is one of the best webtoon-based k-dramas

This is the specialty of the Kdrama industry; they keep you hooked from the start till the very end. The incredible Itaewon Class fashion style is another exceptional factor that made this show popular. Not only the lead characters but supporting actors also depict excellent Korean fashion.

And So, if you need fashion inspiration, then this show is a must-watch for you!

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