kdrama fashion: dress like kdrama star in kdrama outfits

kdrama fashion: dress like kdrama star in kdrama outfits

kdrama fashion: dress like kdrama star in kdrama outfits

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fashionable Korean actresses have been captivating hearts and minds around the globe. kdrama fashion seems to spread the word about the most stylish leading ladies in kdrama.

korean drama fashion enjoys a high level of popularity. drama clothing from Crash Landing On You, Goblin, Hotel de Luna, It’s Ok to Not be Ok and Itaewon class has become a worldwide sensation; and with time there are more and more fashionistas on our planet who want to look and dress in kdrama outfits. The global audience is looking for fashion inspiration from kdrama female leads.

Therefore, in this article, we give you a helping hand and provide you with a list of fashionable Korean actresses and protagonists.  

Ready for kdrama fashion overload? Look no further!

Seo ye-ji inspired kdrama fashion outfits
Seo ye-ji inspired fashion style

Protagonist:  Ko Moon-young

Actress:  Seo Ye-Ji

Ko Moon-young is an author of children’s books enjoying her popularity. However, her childhood was far from perfect and she suffers from an antisocial personality disorder.

Her fashion statement is a pleasant and inspiring backdrop of this kdrama series. Ko moon-young’s k drama fashion style is nothing but bold. It is to show the outside world that she is invincible and will go a mile to get what she wants.

Her choice of black, bags, sleeves, and accessories tells the audience that she is fierce and strong. It is awesome to watch a woman express herself in this way in k drama fashion!

However, the choice of ensembles and details is meant to hide her inner weakness and protect her vulnerability. That is why she chooses fuller looks and single tones. Moreover, she selects her kdrama outfits with the view of appearing the opposite of her romantic interest –Gang-Tae’s loose and casual style.

The first time she appears on it’s ok not to be ok is a showcase in her personality traits. She is dressed in a chiffon skirt (maxi) and a blazer. And of course, it is all about black and white.

She also wears Jimmy Choo pumps and a Givenchy purse. For a finishing look, she went for red lipstick and a long hairdo. A classic vibe to Korean drama outfits.

Her Black fashioned Outfits

Seo ye-ji rocking in fabulous black outfits
Seo ye-Ji rocking in fabulous black outfits

Notably, her choice of black is either plain or dotted. But whatever she decides to wear, there is always a shoulder statement.

In addition, she wears different brands like Project Product glasses; Earrings by Clash de Cartier, Mani I Piedi, GOIU, Subyul; Loewe Obi belt, Bottega Veneta’s brogues; Joy Gryson bag, Bulgari watch; and dresses by Zimmerman and Burberry.

True, she favors black, but she also took a chance to express herself in Magda Butrym’s floral dress. This asymmetric dress of bright colors with a bow on the shoulder was matched with a Playnomore bag and Gianvito Rossi sandals. 

Rumor has it her style will undergo changes alongside the development of her love story. And we cannot wait to see it! 

Be sure to check out Seo Ye-Ji Instagram for more fashion inspiration!

kdrama fashion star Kim in Itaewon Class

Kim da mi itaewon class outfits
Kim da mi itaewon class outfits

Protagonist: Jo Yi-Seo

Actress: Kim Da-Mi

Kim Da-Mi, one of the most fashionable Korean actresses plays Jo Yi-Se an influencer and blogger on social media. The Itaewon class star is ambitious, hard-working, and will tell you the truth straight into your face.  For that very reason, it is not an easy task for her to find friends. In the smooth air of k drama fashion, she stands out as a street style favoring girl, punky and rockstar-like.

Drama clothing audience favors her choice of necklaces from smiley-faces to chains and chokers and two-toned hair and full bangs. And those square sunglasses by Gentle Monster – they had our hearts!

kdrama fashion star Kim Da mi in black leather and bandana print
Itaewon class star Kim Da mi in black leather and bandana print

And of course, she is all into leather. kdrama fashion is not short of leather, there are plenty of leather ensembles in stylish outfits in Korean drama, but the way she wears it – is always a statement. In her wardrobe, you will find black, white, and red leather, leather with bandana print, other accessories, as well as professional clothes and a white wool jacket.

The kdrama series offers a style evolution of the protagonist and she can be seen wearing local, as well as internationally renowned brands from Juun J to Valentino, Tiffany & Co, and more. As the plot unfolds we will be seeing more redefinition of her outfits from punk-rock to something classier but with a statement.

IU’s Hotel De Luna kdrama fashion

IU Hotel De Luna inspired outfits
IU Hotel De Luna inspired outfits

Protagonist: Jang Man-Wol

Actress: IU

Jang Man-Wol is an owner of a mysterious hotel, which is 1300 years old. Her wardrobe of kdrama clothes for a single episode cost the show more than $ 8 000. She appears in a different look for every other occasion.

As one would expect, her outfits are from the past eras but she is our darling even in modern looks. In the kdrama series, she changes her outfit once every seven minutes.

Furthermore, as a character of the Hotel De Luna, she has an expensive taste, therefore the outfits she wears are from luxurious fabric and have a vintage look to them. Vintage style is supplemented with expensive jewelry. This makes her stand out from the k-drama fashion scene.

Kdrama fashion star IU outfits in Hotel de Luna
Kdrama fashion star IU outfits in Hotel de Luna

She is a petite woman, but boy, she is powerful! Her power is expressed in her choice of shoulders, belts, and hats. She wears hats in red, white, and black. She accessorizes so as to make sure that her message is conveyed without ambiguity.

Throughout the series, we can watch this star of kdrama clothes dressed in Givenchy, Dior, Max Mara, Moschino, Gucci, Giambattista Valli, and many more.

This vintage babe of drama clothes even appeared imitating Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy.

Crash Landing on You

Kdrama star Son Ye-jin in crash landing on Hyun bin
Son ye-jin Outfit

Protagonist: Yoon Se-ri

Actress: Son Ye-Jin

In a kdrama set against the backdrop of politics, family, and love, she is our gorgeous fashion heiress. At some point, while in North Korea, she flies under the radar in terms of her kdrama outfits, but when she comes back she is so stylish. She is the dream of modern k drama fashion followers with an inseparable it-bag by her side.

Kdrama fashion star Son Ye-jin in crash landing on Hyun bin
Kdrama star Son Ye-jin in crash landing on Hyun bin

As a woman fashion insider, she knows what she is doing. She mixes luxe patterns with bright colors.

Throughout Crash Landing on You she appears in different brands: Dolce & Gabanna dress, Dior bag, Balmain tweed ensemble, asymmetric white blazer, Schutz pumps, Bottega Veneta coat of wool and leather, black and white suit and shirts from Valentino and Louis Vuitton, the floral and dotted dress of various colors and more. 

This kdrama fashion star is gorgeous in casual outfits too. The way she combines jeans with the shoes from Manolo Blahnik or a floral dress with a cardigan made of pink wool is lovely to watch.

Kdrama fashion in Goblin

ji eun tak fabulous goblin fashion
Ji Eun Tak fabulous goblin outfits

Protagonist: Ji Eun-tak

Actress: Kim Go-Eun

Known as the bride of Goblin, she is a Schoolgirl from humble origins. This kdrama star is dressed in a casual and simple manner. She, of course, wears hoodies and our beloved and iconic red scarf. The latter from MSGM quickly became trending among those cheering stylish outfits in Korean drama.

Her hoodies include models from Surreal But Nice, Tommy Hilfiger, Topshop, American eagle, and black and white ones from Romantic Crown. She wears a Studio Tomboy sweatshirt, coats, and cardigans of different brands, and a Kiruna Backpack.

Kdrama star Ji Eun-Tak wearing a pretty red scarf
Ji Eun-Tak's pretty red scarf

We should give a special mention to Pauls Boutique purse Middle Nicole, which has a designated meaning in the plot.

With the evolution of the kdrama plot, the Goblin star enters adulthood and her outfits change too. However, her looks are not overtly feminine. She now looks more polished but still wearing oversized loose outfits. She wears coats by System, Maje, and leather Iro Jacket.

And of course, we do not want to miss out on her wedding dress, the kdrama fashion audience waited for so long. It is from Jenny Packham.

And now the BONUS PART!

Yuh-Jung Youn the stylish grandma of k drama fashion

Yuh-Jung Youn powerful fashion style
Actress Yuh-Jung Youn the incredible fashionista grandma

Yuh-Jung Youn has always been one of the most fashionable Korean actresses. But she stole the hearts, minds, and eyes around the globe winning the Oscar at Academy Awards Ceremony. The 73-year-old beloved grandma of K-drama fashion received the award for her supporting role in Minari and from no less than Brad Pitt himself.

She was dressed in Marmar Halim, an Egyptian designer’s dress. It is a long blue gown with statement pockets. The rumor has it she picked the dress out of 250 other outfits. kdrama actress wore Bottega shoes on high heels and Chopard jewelry and held a Roger Vivier clutch in her hand.

Yuh-Jung Youn incredible fashion choice
Yuh-Jung Youn incredible fashion choice

She has become an inspiration not only in her age group but among the younger k drama fashion followers as well. In every outlook, she wears you can see she is comfortable with her age, yet she is always mindful to underline the advantages of her slender figure.

Probably her most beloved outfit is a black dress of midi length. 

However, she will not shy away from wearing a floral skirt with a sweater and making a statement by putting her watch on her arm over the sweater instead of the wrist.

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