lim joo-kyung jacket of Moon Ga-Young in True Beauty (Ep#11)

lim joo-kyung jacket of Moon Ga-Young in True Beauty (Ep#11)

Perfect Match Check
Brand: Bottega Veneta
Product: Textured wool-blend jacket
From: Farfetch $2750.00
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Brand: SAOL
Product: SAOL Irish Cardigan Sweater for Women 100% Merino Wool Aran Celtic Knit Ladies Coat with Pockets
From: Amazon $ 114.90
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Brand: Aran Woollen Mills
Product: Carraig Donn Irish Cardigan Sweater for Women Made in Ireland Knit SuperSoft Merino Wool Coat
From: Amazon $ 154.90
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jugyeong true beauty outfits of Moon Ga-Young-bag (Ep#11)

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