Itaewon class strap(JOY GRYSON) of Kim dami as jo yi seo (Ep#16)

Itaewon class strap(JOY GRYSON) of Kim dami as jo yi seo (Ep#16)

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Product: JOY GRYSON Lua Acrylic Strap (3Color) LW0SX6390
From: Wconcept $108.00
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Brand: Syhood
Product: 4 Piece Chunky Resin Bag Strap Acryli Bag Chain Purse Strap Handle Replacement Handbag Purse Making Accessory Decoration Cross-Body Bag Decoration
From: Amazon $ 18.99
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Brand: Allzedream
Product: Allzedream Resin Purse Strap Acrylic Handbag Chain Replacement Shouder Bag
From: Amazon $ 9.99
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kdrama outfits female strap of Kim dami as jo yi seo (Ep#16)

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