Kdrama Goblin: Guardian The Lonely and Great God

Kdrama Goblin: Guardian The Lonely and Great God

Kdrama Goblin: Guardian The Lonely and Great God

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Hey! are you a fan of Kdrama? Or are you looking for a new best drama series to watch? Well, whether your answer is “Yes” or “No,” it doesn’t matter. This is because Korean dramas have become more popular as the most subtle, breathtaking, and emotional shows globally. And so, if you have or haven’t watched one yet, then you should check out Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. This TV series is also known as Goblin, and it is one of the popular, best kdrama and absolutely adored TV series by many. Most people say this drama feels pure and soulful, and it is a beauty altogether, and well, I totally agree, and personally, I really love this drama!  

Goblin is a very emotional, poignant, and compellingly beautiful show. It is an absolutely stunning series that has curatively combined the modern with the ancient scenes to ensure the fine delicacy of each scene. And aside from the amalgamation of beliefs and fairy tales, it also has emotional soundtracks that break and warms your heart throughout the episode.

So, this is arguably the best place to start, if you’re new to Korean dramas.

Goblin lovebirds and main stars Gong Yoo and Kim GoEun
Gong Yoo and Kim GoEun the Goblin Lovebirds

Good question! Well, the Goblin is already a is a mega-hit series in and outside South Korea. And upon its TV release in December 2016, this series has gone on to become a cultural phenomenon in South Korea.

So, let’s have a slight overview of its storyline.

The Goblin Synopsis

Guardian The lonely and great god Episode 1 Kim and gong yoo
Goblin Episode 1

First, it is important to note that Goblin refers to an immortal being. And according to Korean folklore, this spiritual being would choose (depending on his whims) whether to or not help human beings during tough times.

And so, the starring of this TV series Gong Yoo plays the titular Goblin, and he also stars the role of Kim Shin, a decorated military general from the Goryeo Dynasty.

Kim Shin being a goblin wasn’t a blessing rather a curse by the almighty to stay immortal forever. This came years after a young king killed him for being a traitor. Furthermore, his immortality isn’t fun too but rather painful one – from as little pain as watching his loved ones die to a continuous agony of leaving with an invisible sword stuck to his chest. His painful immortality can only be put to an end with the Goblin’s bride, who will aid in pulling out the sword thus helping him move to afterlife.

Goblin tvn kdrama series
Goblin fashion

Kim Go-Eun, who plays Ji Eun-Tak, is a bubbly 19-year-old high school student. She is also the legendary Goblin’s bride. She has tragic life but always remains a cheerful girl who happens to be saved (when her mother was pregnant) by Goblin after hit-and-run before being taken by the Grim Reaper. Due to Kim Go-Eun way of birth, she can summon Goblin or see a ghost thus the name “Missing soul”. 

Surprisingly, she has an intertwined fate with the Goblin. She even summons him and ends up helping her pass exams and enroll in a university. The Grim Reaper and the Goblin ended up living under the same roof after Grim Reaper leases a house from Yoo Deok-Hwa, the Goblin’s nephew

A deeper story unfolds amid interweave of Kim Shin, Ji Eun-tak, Sunny, and Grim Reaper lives. Rather than being strangers to each other, the interweave exposes the deep-rooted relations.

The Outlook 

The storyline sounds a bit scary, horror-like, or more mythical based, right?  

Well, don’t let the mythology of this synopsis put you off.  In fact, apart from the mythological and historical aspects of the story, it still has something to offer for everyone. The vast enticing story scenes including comedy, action, adorable old school romance and bromance, and some wonderful banter adorns this show. All these get encapsulated and projected together through beautiful and emotional scenes that will keep you hooked up throughout the show.

This show is an orchestra made of different elements that creates a well-constructed puzzle that all comes together piece by piece. All thanks to Kim Eun-sook’s brilliant writing along with bankable actors like Gong Yoo and others.

Who are the main cast (characters) in Goblin?

Goblin stars From (left) is Kim Shin, Ji Eun-tak and Lee Dong-Wook the Korean drama 'Goblin' stars
Guardian leading cast: From (left) is Kim Shin, Ji Eun-tak and Lee Dong-Wook the Korean drama 'Goblin' stars

It is important to note that this series features many casts, and therefore, we will only mention the main characters.

Gong Yoo as Goblin as well as Kim Shin – Starring

Kim Go-eun as Ji Eun-tak, but Han Seo-jin played her as a kid

Lee Dong-Wook as Grim Reaper (Angel of death)

Along with many other Grim Reapers, including Wang Yeo, Lee Hyuk, and Kim Woo-bin. Their main role is to guide the souls to their reincarnations or after-lives.

Yoo In-na as Sunny / Kim Sun

Yook Sung-jae as Yoo Deok-hwa

More than one actor played some of these leading roles to showcase different timelines. For example, to show when that actor was a kid or teenager.


Guardian 2016 now streaming on Netflix
Goblin 2016 now streaming on Netflix

Overall, Goblin is the best drama choice if you are looking for a show that will keep you invested and make you feel all kinds of emotions. With 16 episodes, it is the ideal show to binge-watch, and it is currently streaming on Netflix. And keep in mind it is a pure drama, romance, fantasy.

Unlike most TV series from other parts of the world, Korean dramas are quite unique. This is because of its exquisite Korean drama fashion, thrilling romance, and cultural-based storyline. But, why Korean drama fashion, you may wonder. Well, it’s noteworthy that several viewers, including me, loves watching Kdrama not only just for the well-curated drama and cultural tranquility it boasts, but also for the impeccable fashion it presents! Thus, answering the question why Goblin?

Aside from fashion, the folklore-based storyline of the entire show is really well-balanced. The most noticeable theme is its on-point chemistry that exists through each episode. You can watch it twice or thrice and still fall in love with all of it all over again. Therefore, proving the fact that you need no vulgar or sexual scenes to create an entertaining show.

So, get your copy and be ready to laugh, love, and cry through each episode!

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