List of Rom Com KDrama with a Happy Ending – 15 Options

List of Rom Com KDrama with a Happy Ending – 15 Options

List of Rom Com KDrama with a Happy Ending – 15 Options

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Watch a romcom Kdrama in case if you are struggling through issues. While this genre offers light-hearted entertainment, it also promises to teach you something new. So, prepare to laugh a lot. But also look forward to a takeaway which is deeply relevant in today’s world.

An added bonus is the peek that these offer on various walks of life, like students, professionals, fantasy or simply family matters. So, we have prepared a list of rom com Kdrama you will love.

Regardless of the theme that you prefer, there is bound to be a romcom Kdrama which matches your preference. Often set in scenic surroundings, these do carry plenty of visual appeal and tend to have a calming effect on you. To help you explore this genre, following is a list that will enable you to pick a romcom Kdrama of your choice –

1. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

romcom kdrama

Located in the scenic coastal town of Gongjin, this romcom Kdrama is much more than just a Romeo-Juliet love story. It explores different relationships, healing, grief and personal loss in equal measure. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha begins with Seoul resident Hye-Jin, a qualified dentist, relocating to Gongjin with the intention of making a fresh start. Soon she bumps into Hong Du-shik, a popular handyman, who gradually introduces her to everyone around the town.

While the main focus of this romcom Kdrama is the lead couple and how they overcome various hurdles, the other aspects are just as engaging. Particularly endearing are the three senior citizens of the town, not to mention the school-going youngsters and the rumour mongering. The budding love triangle is also handled well, with both men forging a friendship. Overall, this K-drama offers you a soothing elixir for recovering from your past and moving on.

2. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

romcom kdrama

Toxic positivism is what this romcom Kdrama highlights through its plot and characters. On one hand it advocates unequivocal sibling love and support under any and every situation. At the same time, it conveys how important it is to be honest with inner feelings, no matter how uncomfortable they might be.

Moon Gang-Tae willingly shifts towns as many times as required to preserve his autistic brother, Moon Sang-Tae’s mental health. But he takes a long time to face his own fears and insecurities till he finds love. This is why it is one of the best k dramas with happy ending.

Showcasing a number of mental disorders, this romcom Kdrama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is all about bonding. To love and be loved despite what might have happened in the past is indeed possible. Ko Moon-young’s character adds to the mix, as it offers comfort while coping with emotional wounds.

3. Goblin

romcom kdrama

Although classified as a romcom Kdrama, Goblin treats you to multiple genres all rolled into one. It seamlessly blends fantasy with the real-world problems, like loneliness, grief and romance across generations. While Eun Tak’s cheerful and positive vibe is heart breaking, Kim Shin’s despair is overwhelming and touching. Adding to the mix are various equations that youngsters have with their seniors, ranging from comic exchanges to friendly mentoring.

Beautiful and imaginative is how this romcom Kdrama can be described. Weaving between the past and present, it also switches between the surreal and the hard truth. Overall, the story is complicated and yet relatable, with great soundtracks and breath-taking imagery.

4. Fight for My Way

list of rom com kdrama fight my way

If you are on a lookout for a romcom Kdrama for couples, Fight for My Way is a perfect fit for you. There are two points of focus in this series – life ambitions and romance. When it comes to relationships, the lead couple is projected as having a love-hate equation, while the second couple comes across as being more mature and serious. In terms of life ambitions, all characters encounter a fair share of ups and downs to realize their dreams.

Determination is the vibe that this romcom Kdrama exudes, whether it is through childhood friendships or infidelity in a relationship. Eventually the couples resolve their personal and relationship issues to come together, thus proving that all’s well that ends well.  

5. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

romcom kdrama

Do you want to binge watch a happy romantic Kdrama? Then What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? is your go-to option.

This romcom Kdrama begins on a note wherein Kim Mi So, played by Park Min-young, expresses her intention to quit her job. She is portrayed as an epitome of efficiency while serving as a secretary for Lee Young Joon, a self-obsessed business tycoon. Things come to head when the boss realizes how dependent he has grown to be on his secretary, prompting him to try and change her mind.

As the strictly non-romantic relationship between the two lead characters transforms gradually, the supporting cast provides comic relief. Childhood trauma, family ties, sibling rivalry and bonding as other aspects that render this romcom Kdrama a worthy watch.  

6. Crash Landing on You

romcom kdrama

True to its name, this romcom Kdrama actually begins when the young, beautiful and intelligent Se-ri crash lands on Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok in the demilitarized zone in North Korea. From that point on, the situation continues to become more and more complicated, with past engagement, personal loss, corruption, parental pressure and social ties all playing a part.

Amidst all the complications and the two leads pretending not to have feelings for each other, Crash Landing On You does manage to evoke family love and longing. There is also the element of standing by each other and returning favors. Last but not the least, it teaches you never to give up hope. Just when you are ready to give up, life could put your beloved right in front to rekindle your romance. 

7.My Roommate is a Gumiho

romcom kdrama

For the uninitiated, gumiho is mythical creature in Korean folklore, which can be a man or a woman. In this romcom Kdrama, it is an attractive man – Shin Woo yeo – who can teleport between walls and countries and also shape-shift into any form. Unfortunately, he is running out of time in his quest to transform into a human. This is where the female lead – Lee Dam – comes in. Goofy that she seems at first, it soon becomes apparent that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Completing the cast is Yang Hye-Sun, an ex-gumiho who manages to transforms into a human before Woo. Since Woo is already revealed as having 9 tails, the crux of this romcom  Kdrama My Roommate is a Gumiho revolves around whether or not Lee Dam can prove to be his saviour.

8. Yumi’s Cells

romcom kdrama

Ready to watch a romantic comedy Korean drama with cute guys? Then try out seasons 1 and 2 of Yumi’s Cells!

Humans are what their cells make them, and Yumi is no exception to this rule. This romcom Kdrama also caters to the fact that many of the cells that make up an individual’s thought process are inherited. To help discern their main functions, Yumi’s cells dress up differently and most of them sport black hairdo.  

What this romcom Kdrama showcases is the journey of a woman who is under-confident in her personal and professional life. That being said, ultimately she does manage to excel in both her work front and her relationships. Not only does she earn fame as a writer, but also finds true love after several unsuccessful attempts.

9. Run On

romcom kdrama

Despite the name of the romcom Kdrama being Run On, the beginning is relatively slow. Of course there is the familiar plot of the lead characters having brushed against each other in the past. Other than this aspect, the focus initially is on career building, with Ki Seon-gyeon and Oh Mi-joo both actively pursuing their ambitions.

Things become interesting when the two lead characters drift closer to each other. As they interact, their self-awareness increases, and this causes them to introspect the current situation and explore other possibilities. It also leads to family conflict, but eventually everything is resolved in a positive manner. This romcom Kdrama teaches you to stand up for yourself through various life situations and remain true to yourself first and foremost.

10. Be Melodramatic

romcom kdrama

Is it really important to be melodramatic as a woman? The three leading ladies in this romcom Kdrama prove that women can be pragmatic and independent too. While they battle hurdles on the professional front, navigating through personal lives proves to be just as challenging. Indeed discussing a budding romance, a broken heart and motherhood does bring solace.

Most importantly, this romcom Kdrama Be Melodramatic teaches you to move on. Life takes unexpected turns, but that should not hold you back from making progress. Between each other, the three friends share heavy and light moments, wherein they overlap but also grant each other space. So, towards the end, it is hard not to root for them and wish them well.

11. True Beauty

romcom kdrama

No matter how often teens are lectured on inner beauty being much truer as compared to outward looks, they really don’t pay much attention. Lim Ju-kyung did suffer a lot owing to her God-given looks. But eventually even she realized the importance of being beautiful on the inside. Even her close circle was able to accept the real ‘her’ and value her actual self, courtesy of her boyfriend, Lee Su-ho.

On a more positive note, Ju-kyung’s ability to use make-up to transform her looks indicate her creativity and problem-solving ability. Likewise, the rivalry between Su-ho and Seo-jun was intense, but it never turned ugly. Ultimately, this romcom Kdrama True Beauty is bound to make you smile due to its positivism and creative approach to solve life’s problems.  

12. Go Back Couple

romcom kdrama

Using time travel to explore the depth of a relationship forms the crux of this romcom Kdrama Go Back Couple. Another fact which it highlights is that couples do tend to drift apart as they grow older and encounter the realities of life. Because the 38-year old husband and wife find themselves in a grind, it influences decisions that they had made during their younger days.

Despite projecting the bitter truth, this romcom Kdrama is dotted with several heart wrenching moments. It is saga of love turned into dislike that many couples would be able to relate to. The characters, both middle-aged and young, are portrayed in a way which is engaging and entertaining at the same time.   

13. Her Private Life

romcom kdrama

For Deok-mi, being a curator of an art museum is relatively easy. She is professional, efficient and organized, all of which make her exceptional at work. Another aspect which is just as easy for her is being the manager of the artist Cha Shi-an’s fan-site, given her unquestioning devotion. What is truly difficult for her is to keep the two aspects separate and ensure that the second remains under wraps forever.

Problems arise when Ryan Gold, the new director, discovers her secret. Much of this romcom Kdrama Her Private Life revolves around the unexpected twists and turns that the pretend couple encounters. Over a period of time they realize having feelings for each other and graduate into a real couple.

This Kdrama best romcom is a fun watch for Korean drama fans.

14. My Love from the Star

romcom kdrama

When Cheon Song-yi gets entangled with her good-looking neighbour, little does she realize that he might actually be an alien. This romcom Kdrama My Love from the Star is an interesting and humorous blend of fantasy with real life. Having spent considerable time on planet Earth, Do Min-joon is all set to depart for his planet when he inadvertently falls in love. Subsequently he ends up using all the powers and knowledge at his disposal to save and protect his lady love.

Highlighting of true friendship is another aspect that renders this romcom Kdrama watchable. In spite of all the envy, Lee Hee-kyung stands by Song-yi and helps with her rescue. Indeed true love is all about letting go, and Song-yi proves her maturity by letting Min-joon return to his planet.

15. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

romcom kdrama

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, the female lead in this romcom Kdrama, proves that all good things come in small packages. Petite and pretty, she is just as strong and capable of defending herself should the situation call for such action. The fact that she willingly stands up for the weak and the victims indicates her selfless and justice-loving nature. Of course there is an explanation for this mindset which is revealed as the series progresses.

Following a series of incidents, Bong Soon finds herself in the midst of a love triangle involving Min-hyuk and her childhood crush Guk-doo. Soon she needs to choose between them, and in the process realizes that true love is one that prompts self-awareness.

List of Rom Com Kdrama with a Happy Ending - Final Thoughts

Watching a romcom Kdrama with a happy ending can prove to be a positive experience. It soothes your soul and heals you from within. At the same time, these also convey an important life-lesson which can be applied in every individual’s life. Since all the characters are relatable, you might just be able to identify with them. Likewise, the twists and turns in the story are sure to keep you hooked till the very end.

Last but not the least, a romcom Kdrama leaves you with a positive feeling, and enables you to de-stress.

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