Song Kang Bio: His Brilliant Life and K-Drama History

Song Kang Bio

Song Kang Bio: His Brilliant Life and K-Drama History

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Song Kang is among the most successful South Korean actors leading the film entertainment industry. Kang broke into the scene in 2017 with his debut show “The Liar and His Lover. As of now, he is one of the most recognized Social media personalities from Seoul, South Korea. 

In this article, we will discuss more Song Kang Bio. But, before we go into the depth and details of Kang’s career, here are some cool, fun facts about him!

His father is a gymnast, his grandfather is a wrestler, and his natural physical condition was good.

Being an architect or a furniture designer was a childhood aspiration of his.

Before his debut, he was offered the option to be a model due to his good looks. However, he rejected those offers at the time and continued to focus on his acting career.

Kim Seok-Jin of BTS attended the same high school as Kang.

With that said, let’s now have a look at Song Kang’s life and his brilliant k-drama history.

Song Kang Bio, His Brilliant Life and K-Drama History
Song Kang

Kang is a South Korean actor who was born on April 23, 1994. Love Alarm (2019–2021), Sweet Home (2020), and Song Kang’s upcoming drama Nevertheless (2021) are some of the most famous lead performances in the Song Kang TV series.

Kang Bio on Film and Drama Career

So, what are some of Song Kang’s Films do you know, or have you watched yet?  Well, here is the Song Kang drama list.

Film & Music Appearances from 2017–18

Song Knag in Man in The Kitchen MBC Drama
Song Knag in Man in The Kitchen MBC Drama

Song debuted as an actor in the 2017 romantic comedy television series The Liar and His Lover, in which he had a supporting part. He was cast in the family drama Man in the Kitchen the same year.

He also participated in two music videos: The Ade’s “Sweet Summer Night” and Suran’s “Love Story.” Song, Oh Seung-hoon, and Lee Yoo-jin attended a fan meetup titled “Introduction to Rookies” on July 8, 2017, organized by his agency Namoo Actors. Soon after, Namoo actors Song Kang helped his career grow a lot. You can check out more actors and artists under the agency here; Song Kang Produce 101.

Song, together with Seventeen’s Mingyu and DIA’s Jung Chae-Yeon, presented the SBS music program Inkigayo from February to October 2018; Song Kang Mingyu did a great job at that too! Seventeen Song Kang wonderfully hosted SBS’s music program. He also joined the cast of the variety shows like the Village Survival and The Eight as a permanent member. He was nominated for the “Rookie Award” at the 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards for the two works. Song made his big-screen debut in July 2018 with the fantasy film Song Kang Beautiful Vampire.

Film & Music Appearances from 2019 – Today

Kang in Love Alarm
Song Kang in Love Alarm

Song starred as Jung Kyung’s secretary in the fantasy melodrama When the Devil Calls Your Name in 2019. Following that, he starred in Love Alarm, a Netflix original romantic series based on the popular webtoon of the same name. Additionally, Song was cast in his first significant part in the Song Kang series as a handsome high-school student who falls in love with a lady (Kim So-Hyun) who was his best friend’s secret obsession after auditioning out of 900 candidates.

Notably, The Love Alarm Song Kang film has been renewed for a second season after being named one of Netflix’s top releases of the year. In Vibe’s “Call Me Back,” he made his final appearance of the year in the music video. It was also confirmed that the Love Alarm season 2 song would be sung by the eminent Korean boyband, BTS.

Sweet Home Star
Sweet Home

Kang’s drama list shot to fame in 2020 after starring in the horror Sweet Home Netflix Song, based on the eponymous webtoon. In 2020 the director of Love Alarm film recommended him as one of the cast to Lee Eung-bok, the director of Song Sweet Home Netflix. Love Alarm season 2 song was quite a hit as well and loved by many fans! The much-hyped Love Alarm Season 2 BTS Song is to be sung by members Taehyung and Jungkook.

Cha Hyun-Su, a depressed high school student, fights to survive a “monsterization” apocalypse with a gang of fellow apartment occupants in the amazing series Sweet Home by Kang. A month after its release, Several news outlets reported that over 22 million Netflix member households had seen it. Later on, Kang was nominated for Best New Actor – Television at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Kang In Navillera
Kang In Navillera

After contributing to his excellent work in Sweet Home, Kang then appeared in the second season of Love Alarm Song Kang, which debuted on Netflix on March 12, 2021. After that, he starred in the Korean drama Navillera, which was based on the eponymous webtoon.

In like butterfly, he portrayed a ballet student who is struggling due to unresolved conflicts with his father and attempts to make ends meet by working part-time. Song took six months of dance lessons to represent his persona perfectly in the show Navillera Netflix.

Kang is now starring in an adaptation of another webtoon. Nevertheless, JTBC’s romance drama is confirmed to star alongside Park Min-young in another JTBC drama. We have a feeling that this new Song Kang drama, a masterpiece of a show, will be one of the best Song Kang dramas out there!

Kang and famous Korean actors

1. Song and Kim Jennie

Song and Jennie Kim
Song and Jennie Kim

In a 2018 episode of SBS’s “Village Survival, The Eight,” BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Song Kang demonstrated their versatility with unexpected and hilarious comments.

The duo, Kang  and Jennie, also dazzled the audience with their new variety skills, especially the handsome Korean actor. His constant erroneous responses in the speed quizzes of Village Survival the Eight Song Kang revealed his silly charms, which was surprising given his flawless appearance.

Throughout the episode, spectators were amused by Kang’s surprising remarks. When Song Kang guessed who the member with ten thousand one was, he impressed Village Survival viewers with his keen observational skills.

Fans undeniably loved the interaction between the two, especially the BLACKPINK and Song Kang big fans.

2. Kim So Hyun and Kang

Kim so Hyun and Song kang
Kim so Hyun and Song kang

Kim So Hyun plays Kim Jo Jo, a high school student caught in a love triangle with classmates Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang) and Lee Hye Yeong (Jung Ga Ram), which is exacerbated further by the Love Alarm app.

Despite her young age, Kim and Kang are an actress with 12 years of experience. Song Kang said that he sought So Hyun for a lot of advice and questioned her on many heart-fluttering topics.

Kang and Kim So Hyun seemed to have a very endearing friendship as they worked together for Song Kang’s love alarm. He moved on to say that she is a senior actress he saw on TV. He added that he was scared that he would be an inconvenience to her and wouldn’t be enough, but she kept in touch with me whenever there were tense sequences.

You did fantastic today. I also grew emotional while acting; Kim So Hyun and Song would tell him, making Song feel more confident. Kang Song also said that she knows how to look better on camera because she has more experience than I do. She was a huge assistance to me when I was filming.

Needless to say, fans have always loved interactions between the two and continue to support their friendship even today.

3. Song Kang and BTS

K-pop Stars BTS

Song expressed his adoration for BTS and said that he heard idol songs, but once he was the MC for ‘Inkigayo,’ he understood there was distinct energy,” he remarked, laughing. When he saw BTS, he said that his heart skipped a beat. Song Kang BTS was completely enamored with their performance space. He even said that all 7 members were very attractive and cool; he doubted he’ll compete with them.

4. Kang and Yoon Seo Oh in Touch Your Heart

Kang as a delivery man in Touch Your Heart
Kang as a delivery man in Touch Your Heart

Yoon-Seo Oh is a well-known actress. She is well-known for her attractive beauty, but her acting skills are lacking. She becomes embroiled in a scandal with a chaebol family’s son. Her acting career suffers a severe setback.

The plot of this Korean drama is that Oh Yoon-Seo learns that a well-known scriptwriter is interested in casting her in the lead female part in a drama series. The character works as a lawyer’s secretary; Oh Yoon-Seo is required to serve as a lawyer’s secretary for a few months to get experience for the post. Kwon Jung-Rok, on the other hand, works as an attorney for a law company. He’s conceited and cold-hearted. Kwon Jung-supervisor Rok requests him to hire actress Oh Yoon-Seo as his secretary for three months. He is dissatisfied with the situation, but he must accept it.

Touch Your Heart by Kang was very popular in 2019 when it was released, and Song played a deliveryman in episode 13 of the show; Look How Far He’s Come!


Song Kang speaking English and Song Kang singing aren’t two sites that are often gifted to us. However, they are unquestionably some of the cutest actions show by the actor, especially Kang’s English.

Also, Kang is quite a good-looking actor and among the most handsome and fashionable Korean actors. Even anime lovers are big fans of song Kang anime. In fact, there is a lot of “Anime Song Kang” fanart out there, too; you might also find Song’s six-pack art and edits!

He has also stated that Red Velvet is his favorite female group because Joy is a member. His admiration for them and Joy is yet another reason to love him.

That’s all about Song Kang Bio on his film and drama career.

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