Squid Game How Many Episodes It Is | 5 hidden hints in Squid game

Squid Game How Many Episodes It Is | 5 hidden hints in Squid game

Squid game how many episodes

Squid Game How Many Episodes It Is | 5 hidden hints in Squid game

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If there is one memorable and entertaining Korean drama that took the world by storm, then it is none other than Squid Game. This well-made Netflix series got the entire world talking about it within just a few days after its release. Surprisingly, there is no sign of that slowing down soon as it is still among the most talked-about shows. Furthermore, this series is that type of show that will get you glued to your seat, so better check it out if you haven’t. And so, in this post, we will talk about Squid Game how many episodes it is.

Besides that, we are also going to talk about:

   -What is ‘Squid Game’ and why do people love it,

   – Incredible facts and hints are hidden in the Squid game, and

   -Will there be a season 2 of Squid games?

With that said, let’s get started:

What is Squid Game
Squid Game

Besides being a Netflix thriller series, what does the term ‘Squid Game’ really mean?

Well, the squid game is, in fact, a real-life game that is mainly played by children in South Korea. This game was most popular during Hwang Dong-hyuk’s (Squid Game series creator) childhood in the 1970s and 1980s. This childhood game was then transformed survival drama by Hwang Dong-hyuk into an entertaining piece of show for Netflix.

So, why do people love it?

What is the secret behind Squid Game’s success? Honestly, there is a lot to like about this Netflix series. The whole idea of the show is quite impressive and inherently compelling to most people. To make it even better is that this show played out in an unexpected fashion, which enthralled lots of viewers. The storyline is quite unique and simple yet ten times better than most series.

This Netflix series revolves around a competition or contest comprising 456 players. All the contestants are in deep financial debt and willing to play deadly children’s games with a chance to win 45.6 billion Won or US$38 million. The concept of killing and fighting for money isn’t new, but the way it was introduced in the squid game is really innovative. Also, the Korean game itself is, in fact, new to a majority of people around the world, thus making it a pretty loveable series.

The lead Squid Game characters in this series are:

Seong Gi-hun, Player 456 (Lee Jung-Jae)

Cho Sang-woo, Player 218 (Park Hae-soo)

Hwang Jun-ho, a Police Officer (Wi Ha-Joon)

Kang Sae-byeok, Player 067 (HoYeon Jung)

Generally, it is an all-in-one series. It drives you through all emotions, from suspense, thriller, horror, action and blood, adult things, romance, comedy, and adventure to plot twists. It simply has everything needed to make the best series, and here are some of the incredible facts and hints are hidden in the Squid game:

Squid game how many episodes are there in season 1?

Squid Game season has a total of 9 episodes, with each episode ranging from 32 to 63 minutes. All the episodes were released on 17th September 2021 and are available for streaming on Netflix.

What are incredible facts and hints hidden in Squid game?

There are several hints hidden in the squid game, but among all those hidden hints, there is one that is hidden in plain sight, which is the hidden illustrations.

1) Illustrations on the walls behind the player’s bed

When we fast forward to Episode 4, we can notice some illustrations on the wall behind the beds where contestants are sleeping. However, none of us will actually ever think that this illustration might hint at something.

And so, as the series progresses from one episode to another, more and more illustrations are revealed. The illustrations are mostly hidden by the beds, as shown in the picture below.

Squide game wall illustration hints
The hidden illustration hints in Squide game

In episode 8, the drawing becomes clear after Sang-woo, Sae-byeok, and Gi-Hun made it to the final three. This came after they successfully completed the glass stepping stones game.

Squid game how many episode hints
Squid game illustrations ss shown in Ep 8

Here is a clear and full picture.

Hidden hints in squid game
Hidden hints in squid game


So, what did these illustrations mean?

Well, these hidden hints in the squid game were illustrations showing exactly what game the contestants would be playing next.

2) Yeong-su revealed his real name to be Oh Il-nam (“First Man”)

Oh Il-nam Squide game creator
Oh Il-nam Squide game creator

Before his death, Yeong-su player 001 revealed his real name to Gi-Hun to be Oh Il-Nam. In English, the name Oh Il-Nam means “first man.” In fact, “Nam” means man, and “Il” means one.

Surprisingly, in this series, Yeong-su is:

      -Player 001

      -Yeong-su, in this game, is the number one man (the creator)

       -And among the guards’ rankings, he ranked the first player

3) Sang-woo and Gi-Hun the destine finalist

Gi-hun and cho sang-woo squid game finalist
Gi-hun and cho sang-woo squid game finalist

Did you notice that the names Sang-woo and Gi-hun and the name of the series’ Squid Games’ had something in common?

Well, check this: S and G, which are the first letters for both their names (Sang-woo and Gi-hun), matches the letters of the game Squid Games. It’s quite surprising, right?

And so, the big question is: Is this a mere coincident or a clever design by this series creator? Well, for me, I believe it was designed, not accidental, that these two characters make it to the final.

4) Sang Woo’s mother and the three squids

Sang Woo's mother
Sang Woo's mother Cutting squids

In Squid Game, we see Sang Woo’s mother cutting three squids for the customer after putting his call on hold. Later on, his son, who was part of the game players, kills himself inside the game. Furthermore, the three squids that she sold to a customer match the same number of deaths his son directly caused in the game – Kang Sae Byeok, Ali, and the dude (glass expert) on the bridge game.

This hidden hint isn’t the one that most of us could easily note because everything seems more normal than an actually hidden hint.

5) Gi-Hun and his lucky number 6

Gi-Hun player 456 Squid Game
Gi-Hun player 456 Squid Game

Throughout the series, it is easy to note that Gi-Hun’s lucky number was 6, and here are some events that prove this.

-> The squid game feature 6 games

-> He is player number 456 à 4+5+6 = 15 à 1+5 = 6

-> Win a horse race after choosing number 6. Unlike before that, he had chosen number 9 in a previous race, which he lost in the horse race.

-> The prize money to be won was 45.6 billion won

What does the Squid Game ending mean?

Many things are happening at the end of this incredibly thrilling Netflix series, and here are some of the things we learned.

The main thing we learned was that Oh (player 001) was the man behind this entire game. In fact, he created this game with his wealthy friends after they were bored and wanted something to get them entertained.

In episode 9, Il-Nam asks Gi-Hun, “Do you know what someone with no money has in common with someone with too much money?“. He then proceeded with an answer, “Living is no fun for them. If you have too much money, no matter what you buy, eat or drink, everything gets boring in the end. At some point, all my clients began to tell me the same thing: that they had no joy in life anymore. So, we all got together and did some pondering. What can we do to have some fun?”

This was mainly revealed when Seong reunited with Oh in one of the final scenes.

The other thing we learned at the end of this show was that players were exactly ‘horses,’ meaning they were mainly there for the purpose of sports, betting, and entertainment. This is revealed when Gi-Hun asked the Front Man why they host the game, to which he replied that “you people are horses.” 

Despite Il-Nam’s death, the show was set to continue, which came to Gi-Hun’s surprise. He realized this when he noticed the same man in a suit playing ddakji along with a stranger who was debt-ridden. This was when he was at the airport planning to head over to the United States to visit her daughter. Seeing this, Gi-Hun steals a business card from the bystander and then proceeds to call the number on that business card.

In spite of Gi-Hun being warned and asked to get into a plane for ‘his good’ by the man on the phone, he doesn’t. He hung up the phone, turned around, and walked away.

Will there be a season 2 of Squid games?

Squid Game characters
Squid Game characters

Many were left puzzled by the way the Squid game series ended with Gi-Hun walking away instead of getting on the plane. Even the Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James wasn’t a fan of how the series ended. During a press conference, James was overheard conversing about this series with his teammate Anthony Davis. He said, “If you weren’t a fan of the ending of the Netflix sensation “Squid Game,” you’re not alone.” In fact, Gi-Hun, who won in ‘Squid Game,’ hasn’t even used his price money after a year, and this is among several things that baffled many people.                       

Now the big question is: Was this a sign that season two is to come?

Well, during an interview Associated Press, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed what most of us have been waiting for: The show is indeed on its way back.

He said, “So there’s been so much pressure, so much demand, and so much love for a second season. So I almost feel like you leave us no choice! But I will say there will indeed be a second season. It’s in my head right now. I’m in the planning process currently. But I do think it’s too early to say when and how that’s going to happen. So, I will promise you this… (in English) Gi-Hun will come back, and he will do something for the world.” – Elle.com translation.

When will Squid Game Season 2 be out?

Yes, the work for season two is now commissioned. However, we won’t be seeing season two on our screens any time soon. This is simply because most of the season two script isn’t yet written. During Critics Choice Awards, which was on March 2022, Hwang said that “It’s here,” he says, pointing to his brain. “Not on the page.”

And so, squid game Season two is coming, but we will have to wait. If you are a die hard fan of squid game and looking to suit up with some of the best outfits from this hit series, then check them here.

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