Song joong ki vincenzo fashion: The Star with an Excellent Taste for Stylish Fashion

Song joong ki vincenzo fashion: The Star with an Excellent Taste for Stylish Fashion

Song Joong-Ki Fashion

Song joong ki vincenzo fashion: The Star with an Excellent Taste for Stylish Fashion

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While it is undisputable that Song Joong-Ki is an astute actor who has warmed his way into the hearts of many, his sense of song joong ki vincenzo fashion cannot go unnoticed. In fact, fashion is the icing on the cake that makes him the stellar star of the moment. From his role as a titular character in the film, A Werewolf Boy in 2012 to his most recent role in Space Sweepers, Song has awed and pleased his fans with his great sense of stylish fashion.

Since his comeback, Song has displayed a great sense of style right from press appearances to premieres and endorsements and brand partnerships.

song joong ki vincenzo fashion in blue jacket
Song Joong-Ki

Song has perfected his choice of wardrobe to add to his great brand. Every piece he wears appears to have been carefully selected to display his great sense of fashion. This serves to sharpen his brand image. Whether casual or official or even sporty, Song’s fashion has constantly served to create an aura of greatness around him.

Furthermore, Song boasts some of the most fashionable looks in all of his dramas.

Song Joong-Ki's Vincenzo Kdrama Fashion in Episode 14
Song Joong-Ki's Vincenzo Kdrama Fashion

On February 20th this year, the lovers of crime drama were treated to a great start of the year with the release of the K-Drama, Vincenzo. The drama has taken the world of K-drama with a great storm. The drama is a combination of many remarkable features; great story, great cast, great act, and of course, great sense of fashion including vincenzo hair style, particularly as portrayed by the screen and cinema legendary Song Joong-ki. If you’ve not watched it yet you can stream it now on Netflix.

Throughout the episodes, Song has stood out not only because of his excellent skills but also because of his exceptionally stylish fashion. Let us sample some of his fashionable looks in this drama;

Look 1: Official Wear-booralro vincenzo

Song Joong-Ki in his Official Wear in the drama Vincenzo
Song Joong-Ki in his Official Wear in the drama Vincenzo

what suits does vincenzo wear? Look at how the king of the screen looked elegant and handsome in this striped suit. He complimented the suit with a simple single-color shirt accompanied single-color tie, making him the ultimate incredible envy for the scene. 

In particular, there was a lot of interest in the suit of the booralro brand, which was made by an Italian artisan. Many people questioned about vincenzo cassano suit brand, is booralro a real brand and the boolaroo suit vincenzo price. Right! Vincenzo boolaroo suit is a real brand and the price varies from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

Look 2: Cozy Fashion

Song Joong-ki wearing an elegant white shirt in Vincenzo
Song Joong-ki wearing an elegant white shirt in Vincenzo

Here, in this scene, Song appears in a cozy and elegant white shirt, respectively portraying the image of a relaxed and composed lad.

Look 3: A classy look

Song Joong-Ki matching his classy office look with a watch
Song Joong-Ki matching his classy office look with a watch

Elegance and classy-ness could not be possible with a great piece of watch. Song completed his elegant and classy official look with a watch, making him the perfect cast king. The loosened tie and unbuttoned top button complete the great look. What else fits the definition of a classy look if not this incredible photo?

2. Song Joong-Ki Suit

Song Joong-Ki Suits
Song Joong-Ki Suit

Whether appearing for an interview, a press brief, an award reception gala, or just posing for a photo session, Sing has never disappointed appearing in a suit. His elegantly designed classy suits have always worked to make him the star of the moment. Even when in scenes such as in Vincenzo, Song has mastered selecting and matching suit pieces that make him stand out and expressly give him a star appearance. I mean, Song is one of the people whose body a suit will never disappoint.

In Vincenzo, Song masters the impeccable role of a suit in portraying an image of a high-power lawyer. Song compliments his bespoke fancy black and gold suits with accessories making him the star of the drama.

3. Song Joong-Ki Casual Wear

Talk of casual and semi-casual dress codes with an excellent taste of elegance and style. Song cuts an image of elegance even with simple and semi-casual wear. Whether on the screen or in his actual daily life, casual and semi-casual dress codes are as outstanding as official wear for Song. Some of his great looks in casual and semi-casual are listed below;

Look 4: Casual wear

Song in casual wear with a t-shirt and an unbuttoned shirt
Song in casual wear

Song rocks casual wear with a t-shirt and a fully unbuttoned shirt with sleeves rolled up. Though very casual, it still sits well on Song, making him appear cool, sleek, and exquisite as usual. Such wear makes him shine as a fashionable gentleman.

Look 5: Casual Wear

Song Joong-ki wearing a deep blue jacket in Vincenzo
Song Joong-ki wearing a deep blue jacket in Vincenzo

Very casual yet highly stylish; that is the perfect definition of Song in this deep blue jacket, a pair of matching pants, and some white sporty footwear.

4. Song Joong-Ki Accessories

One of his most incredible stylish fashion hacks is the ability to accessorize and match accessories with the dress code to bring out his meticulously impeccable look. In various appearances, both in acting and real-life situations, Song has displayed a great sense of love for accessories such as watches, frames, gadgets, and even glasses to compliment his outlandish dress code.

Look 6: Accessories

Song Joong-Ki's Vincenzo Kdrama Fashion
Song Joong-Ki classy oufits

Song appears classy by accessorizing his stylish suit with a uniquely elegant watch that compliments its appearance. He then carries a gold-plated phone that is as classy as his watch and completes the look with an exquisitely shaped glass cutting an image of a high-level lawyer. Accessories are a key element in Song’s stylish fashion line and serve to make the statement of who he is, whether on the screens or in real life.

The combination of the pocket box, the tie, and the shirt complete the lavish look making Song look outstanding. What about the belt and its great match with the clothes and the watch? As usual, the mixture of cool colors of every piece of accessories completes the cool ambient look. Elegance is the minor definition we can give Song, particularly on his choice of accessories.

5. Song Joong-Ki Fashion in descendants of the sun

Song Joong-Ki Fashion in Descendants of The Sun
Song's outfits in Descendants of The Sun

In 2016, Song starred in the KBS TV drama Descendants of the Sun. Although Song’s role was that of the military captain leading the Alpha team, his sense of fashion did not fade away. He appeared in well-pressed military fatigue and spotlessly shined military boots. One cannot help but see the great sense of style even in those military fatigues. They are just military fatigues but well-fitting uniforms that fall squarely on his body.

6. Song Joong-Ki Fashion in Running Man Episodes

Song was a major cast member of the Running Man Episodes drama for episodes 1-41. Song appeared in a more casual and relaxed dress code in line with the drama’s theme in the series. In various casts and episodes, Song adopts casual and simple yet stylish dress codes that fit him perfectly and make him stand out.

Look 7: Smart Casual

Song Joong-Ki wearing a yellow hoodie and a black pant
Song Joong-Ki wearing a yellow hoodie and a black pant

7. Song Joong-Ki Fashion in Innocent Man

In 2012 Song Jong-Ki Moon Chae-won and Park Si-Yeon starred in the Korean television series Innocent Man. Even then, Song had an impeccable sense of fashion that married well with his role as the nice guy in the series. Looks from the series are proof of this incredible sense of fashion. Let’s have a look at some of his elegant looks in the series;

Look 8: Semi-casual Wear

Song Joong-ki draped in a white coat wearing specs
Song Joong-ki draped in a white coat wearing specs

Song draped a white coat accompanied by a white shirt with an unbuttoned top button to make him appear as the classy but simple innocent man he is in the series. One thing you should not ignore about Song is his ability to accessorize as part of his stylish fashion. I mean, look at his frames and how well they fit into his face.

8. Song Joong-Ki Fashion during the 49th Baek Sang Arts Awards

Song stole the show during the 49th Baek Sang Arts Awards with his uniquely designed suit coupled with a black shirt and a black designer bow tie. Sitting close to Park Shin Hye, who donned a vincenzo black suit, Song came out as a humble and calm gentleman with generous smiles. People could not resist the temptation to throw a glance at him. Would you? Below is a picture from the awards show.

Look 9: 49th Baek Sang Arts Awards

Song Joong-Ki at 49th BaekSang Arts Award
49th Baeksang Arts Award

The Tuxedo suit sat well on Song’s body and was a great match to his black shirt donned with a black bow tie.

9. Song Joong-Ki Drama List and Net worth

Song’s excellent taste for designer clothes and outlandishly stylish fashion is partly a symbol of his status as a seasoned actor and public figure with an excellent performance record and a wealthy actor for that case. Joong-Ki has starred in various dramas and series that have become highly rated or premiered on multiple TV channels. Some of his significant high-rated dramas include; Running Man, Descendants of the Sun, Vincenzo, Five Senses of Eros, Tears in the Antarctic, A Werewolf Boy, and Space Sweepers, among others.

Song’s acting career has developed and evolved since the 1990s, making him be among the most established actors globally. Song is among the highest-paid Korean actors, and sources estimate that he is worth over one million US dollars.

This great Net Worth and the extensive actor’s portfolio are a significant force behind his great taste for fashion. Any time you want to benchmark your fashion standards, Song Joong-Ki could be a great benchmark.


Overall, Song Joong-Ki’s fashion sense is incredibly good just like his acting skills. In fact, he is among our Top 8 most fashionable Korean actors.

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