A glimpse of Korean Drama: She would never Know

A glimpse of Korean Drama: She would never Know

A glimpse of Korean Drama: She would never Know

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She Would Never Know is a light-hearted romance and comedy drama featuring a simple storyline that is interesting and easy to follow. The central theme of this drama is a love story between senior and junior KLAR cosmetic employees.

What makes this drama lovable, though, is Rowoon and Won Jin-Ah’s protectiveness, affection, maturity, and playfulness, and respect for each other. Their romance is an endearing one to watch; however, it takes time to develop. Additionally, every single aspect of this drama is well-orchestrated, making it a more thrilling show to watch.

She would never know drama, also known as Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick, is a lit South Korean television series. This international hit series is a romance drama featuring Won Jin-ah and Rowoon as the leading casts. Furthermore, this Kdrama series is an adaptation of the 2017 popular Elizeu’s web novel, Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick. And so, what makes this k-drama a lovable and binge-worthy show?

Well, let’s have a quick review of this drama to clearly understand why.

korean celebrity fashion, She Would Never Know Cast
She Would Never Know Cast

Main cast

Won Jin-ah, who plays Yoon Song-ah, a senior at KLAR cosmetics.

Rowoon, who plays Chae Hyun-Seung, a new intern who started seducing Song-Ah

Lee Kyu-han, who plays Lee Jae-Woon

Lee Hyun-Wook, who plays Lee Jae-shin

Wang Bit-na, who plays Chae Ji-Seung

Lee Joo-bin, who plays Lee Hyo-Joo

What is the story of She Would Never Know?

She would never know
She would never know

The storyline of this drama focuses on the complicated office love story between Won Jin-ah (the perfectionist Yoon Song-ah) and Rowoon (intern Chae Hyun-Seung). Both of them work in the marketing department for cosmetics brand Klar.

It focuses on the relationship between the two senior and junior members, Yoon and Chae, who are the leading cast in this drama. Chae Hyun-Seung is a young boy who falls in love at first sight with Song-ah during his career counseling day meeting. He went back to school and worked hard with the aim of joining company KLAR just to see her face again, and their story began.

The chemistry between the lead pair is amazing to watch. Furthermore, this drama genre is a Mature type of story and romantic show that s ideal for you and mature adults. This drama focuses on a serious theme unlike Love with flaws drama. However, if you go through the KDrama love with flaws review you can notice some similarities between these two k-dramas.

Is She Would Never Know a good drama?

Yes, it is a good drama.

To clearly understand why it is such a good drama, I will share some of the main reasons you should watch this drama.

6 reasons why it is a binge-worthy K-drama series

1. Webtoon based drama

She would never know is a webtoon based drama
A webtoon based drama

If you’re a fan of a webtoon-based drama, then this drama is specially designed for you. Notably, there are lots of best webtoons-based K-drama series nowadays, and in fact, this series is one of them.

She Would Never Know kdrama series is a show based on a 2017 webtoon by Elise (Elize). However, there is one small change though, and that is on the name. The webtoon was originally titled Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick, but the drama title was changed to She Would Never Know. However, searching for the title Senior, Don’t Put On That Lipstick still brings both the novel and the drama.

If you have already watched this drama, you can go back and go through the webtoon and see how well it is mimicked in this webtoon. Someway for the Webtoon fans who haven’t watched this drama yet. You can simply watch and see how pages were illustrated and brought to life by watching this drama. Ideally, this will help you experience this show in a whole new way.

2. Incredible Lead characters (Veteran vs. Rising actor)

Rowoon and Won Jin-Ah the leading characters in She would never know drama
Rowoon and Won Jin-Ah

Rowoon is a famous Korean celebrity known by many for his lead vocalist role in the boy group SF9 and is a rising actor. As of 2019, this K-Pop idol ventured into an acting career path where he featured as one of the leading casts in Extraordinary You, playing the main love interest in this 2019 teen drama.

The veteran, in this case, is Jin-Ah, who started her career in 2015, and since then, she has immersed herself as the key figure in the K-drama entertainment industry. Melting Me Softly drama is arguably Jin-Ah’s most popular show, followed by Rain or Shine, also known as Just Between Lovers.

In She Would Never Know drama, both of these actors played the lead roles as well as the main love interest. Their new and unique slow paced on-screen chemistry captured the attention and was really adored by many. If you are inclined towards romantic dramas, then this drama is suited for you. The two’s (Veteran and rising star) chemistry features lots of feel-good and Kilig-worthy scenes.

3. Mature romance

Rowoon and Song-ah's fascinating romance
Fascinating Romance

This show mainly showcases somehow hopeless romantic characters, and it isn’t a typical romantic-comedy drama.

Ideally, this drama is designed for young adults in their 20s or older, specifically females. This is simply because the drama leans more to a mature genre that can be easily related to by mature viewers.

However, the good thing is that this drama can still be relished by those in their late teenage years. Rather than featuring the idealized idea of love as the core theme, it features realistic struggles that are relatable to many. This aspect, therefore, makes it immensely suitable for viewers of different age groups.

4. Complicated relationships

Song-Ah On-screen chemistry with Rowoon
On-screen chemistry with Rowoon

Besides showcasing the mature romance, this drama also illustrates the existing struggles within different kinds of relationships. She Would Never Know kdrama clearly portrays struggles and dramas between new couples, married ones, and even for the one-sided love. It also goes father to portraying possible hurdles in long-distance relationships, people with contrasting personalities, and gender identity confusion.

The show also illustrates how a person may have enough reasons to lose her lover or fight to stay together. The seamless acting, along with the enhanced storyline, shows how complex the relationship world actually is. It helps people be critical thinkers to be able to determine the right time to let it go or why they should hold on and endure the pain just for a moment.

5. Flawless Storytelling

After watching just a few episodes of She Would Never Know drama, I realized its storyline was relatively straightforward. This is always what I like when watching these kinds of drama. This show has organized each scene such that it unfolds in a timely manner. It creates suspense and tension when needed but never over-utilize it since it may come out too strong.

This series mainly focuses on maintaining its profound aura, which means it has to tread lightly on essential things like reveals and plot twists. This means something will ‘blow up,’ of course, through the series but not the “super startling” type explosion. By following this path, the show is able to present the issues at hand perfectly.

Generally, no ‘overacting’ is expected in this show, but you will still to able to easily tell or know when the gravity of a situation occurs. Having such an already established storyline eliminates anticipation, while instead of having a storyline develop outside elements, it is quite refreshing seeing the storyline grow from within.

6. Strong Female Lead

She Would Never Know Female lead Won Jin-Ah
Won Jin-Ah (Yoon Song-ah)

Having a female lead with strong character and resilience creates a new umph to the drama, unlike in most other k-dramas. And so, with Song-Ah as the lead character in She Would Never Know drama, we can easily see those values as well as a beautiful, soft and emotional lady too.

The way she handled herself with bravado and strength after realizing that the person she thought loved betrayed her clearly depicts her strength.

These are just the core reasons why this piece of drama is worth watching. However, there are other things that make this drams a binge-worthy drama and they include things like:

          The soothing OSTs

          The age gap relationship

           The incredible supporting characters storylines

           The love triangle that isn’t typical

Is She Would Never Know in Netflix?

She would never know Netflix
She would never know Netflix

She would never know drama is now available for streaming on Netflix. There are 16 She Would Never Know episodes based on Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick, a web novel by Elise (Elize).

But due to the different availability of episodes for different countries’ Netflix, you should check She would never know Netflix availability here and see if it is available in your country.  

Final thoughts

She Would Never Know is an exquisite show that I dearly like since it is about a boy that falls in love at first sight. It is a story that can be related to by most people and the one that is well brought to life by the incredibly talented actors.  

There are a lot of K-dramas out there, and between them all, there are ones that are meant to stick to your heart. The ones that stick to your heart are the one that you can rewatch them again and again with joy. She Would Never Know, therefore, is one of those dramas. Rowoon outdid himself in this drama; the way he portrayed Chae Hyung Seung’s character makes you fall in love with it. And to make it even better, the on-screen chemistry with Song-Ah allows you to experience ecstatic feelings.

Overall, She Would Never Know drama is a very good show with a great story and very well conveyed messages. It gives little vibes mostly renowned to be in the best Korean medical drama.

Otherwise, if you haven’t watched this drama, be sure to check it out today on Netflix; I assure you will like it!

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