High class kdrama fashion: Top K-dramas to watch for inspiration

High class kdrama fashion: Top K-dramas to watch for inspiration

Best kdrama series with incredible Kdrama outfits

High class kdrama fashion: Top K-dramas to watch for inspiration

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Which are some of the high class kdrama fashion that you love the most?

Notably, the Korean wave has hypnotized people around the globe in a good way. From K-Pop to K-dramas, South Korean content has received immense appreciation worldwide. There’s no denying that plotline, graphics, and talented actors deserve credit. But do you know the most outstanding feature of these dramas?

Yes, you guessed right. It’s K-drama fashion!

Whether it’s Itaewon Class, Item, Guardian, Start-Up, or any other show, you will be spellbound with Korean drama dresses. We know how much you love these shows. We bet you also take fashion advice from your idols. Don’t you?

So, we have compiled a list of some of the best K-dramas for fashion.

Hey K-drama fans, do you wonder how to dress like a Kdrama? Let’s not wait further and move to the list.

Jeon Yeo-been & Song Joong power kdrama outfits in Vicenzo
Jeon Yeo-been & Song Joong power kdrama outfits in Vicenzo

The tale of crime and the mafia world never gets old. But the beauty of Korean dramas is that they can make even predictable stories interesting. The Vincenzo drama revolves around the male character whom an Italian family adopted. He later starts working for the mafia as their legal advisor. But things change when he meets a headstrong lawyer who is the female lead.

Kdrama outfits in this Netflix special deserve appreciation. Jeon Yeo-been’s Hong Cha-Young is the perfect example of poise and appearance. She fought legal battles in professional suits and spent leisure time in casual clothes. In short, she dazzles the audience in every look. Not to forget her choice of accessories, shoes, and bags.

Song Joong-ki’s Vincenzo isn’t behind either. He looks handsome in his Korean drama dresses. You can’t deny how cute he looks in his casual clothes and robes. On the other hand, his professional look can make you go weak in your knees.

2. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Glamorous Kdrama outfits  

Seo ye-ji inspired high class kdrama fashion
Seo ye-ji inspired kdrama outfits

Psycho But It’s okay Drama the most popular Netflix special of 2020 has captivated the audience around the globe. The New York Times named it the Best International Show of 2020 and rightly so. The romance drama received huge appreciation for its empathetic portrayal of trauma and recovery.

Needless to say that the wardrobe of lead characters didn’t go unnoticed. Seo Yea-ji plays the character of an antisocial author and turns heads with her Korean drama outfits. The elegant writer looked ethereal in different clothes.

Throughout the length of the K-drama, a myriad of luxury fashion clothing brands are visible. This includes local Korean as well as some international brands. Givenchy, Magda Butrym, Loewe, Honghol, Zimmermann, and Dior are among these brands.

Yea-ji made a lasting impact on the audience with her elegant clothing, heels, and sunglasses. 

3. Crash Landing on You: high class kdrama fashion

crash landing on you season 1 must watch korean tv series
crash landing on you season 1

Crash Landing on You is a bittersweet story of two people who meet in difficult circumstances. It’s a true representation of the long-term impacts of rivalries between countries. But most importantly, this crash landing on is a love story that remains in the minds of viewers for years. This tv series is also among the most popular South Korean TV series according to IMBD. 

Son Ye-jin won the hearts of people not only in South Korea but also globally. Her character is the heiress to the biggest conglomerate in the country. But she lands in North Korea due to a mishap. This is where she meets her prince in shining armor.

Its iconic scenes are remarkable but what makes it a true hit is the fashion sense of the lead lady. She plays a role as a fashion icon in Korea and this is why her kdrama outfits are so gorgeous. She shows kdramas upperclass fashion and designer. You can’t ignore her looks and Kdrama outfits and kdrama about fashion.

The male lead is also not behind in fashion. He dons a perfect look in almost every scene he appears in. Whether he’s in his military clothes or civilian clothing, he makes a difference.

4. Korean Drama Outfits in Itaewon Class

Kim da mi itaewon class outfits
Kim da mi itaewon class outfits

You can’t be a true K-drama fan if you haven’t watched Itaewon Class. Do you agree with us?

Kim Da-mi and Park Seo-Joon are the main actors of this k-drama.

The epic story of grit, revenge, and vengeance is a treat for drama fans. This play’s main characters fight against power and injustice. Park Seo-joon’s character is an inspiration for us. He emerges as a successful entrepreneur who avenged his father’s death after years of struggle.

The heart-wrenching yet compassionate storyline is great. Further, the trendy style of characters, kdrama outfits female casual and kdrama outfits male make it a must-watch for every Korean drama enthusiast.

The lead characters capture attention in every look. Chic jackets, warm overcoats, suits, hoodies – everything is on-point. This is why it’s an unmatched Korean fashion drama.

You are welcome to swoon over the fashionable characters of Itaewon Class with us!

5. Top KDrama Outfits in ‘The World of the Married’

Kim Hee Ae fashion style in the World of The Married
Kim Hee Ae fashion style in the World of The Married

Do you ever think about how to dress like a Kdrama? Then watching the World of the Married is your best bet.

Han So-hee isn’t the favorite character of many. After all, she plays the role of a mistress. But her flawless look throughout the romance thriller is worth praising. Also, the leading lady, Kim Hee-ae, gives her competition with her stylish wardrobe

The drama seems like the romantic story of a loving family. But as the drama progresses, it shows how a loving family can fall apart. Their lives seemed blissful, but every character has its ups and downs. The show’s tense moments keep you hooked. Furthermore, its top-notch cinematography stops you from leaving the TV screen.

KDrama outfits that ravishing Han and Kim Hee Ae, fashion in kdramas upperclass, adorn are out of the world. Long wool coats, printed scarfs, elegant party dresses, and decent sweaters appear in many scenes. These lavish Korean drama outfits make it a great show.

6. Korean Drama Outfits (Dresses): Hotel Del Luna

IU Hotel De Luna inspired outfits
IU Hotel De Luna inspired outfits

Hotel Del Luna is a true supernatural rom-com masterpiece. Visuals, cinematography, and the mysterious plot make it a hit.

This hotel de luna is not a run-of-the-mill storyline. Rather it revolves around a hotel that is home to souls with unfinished business in the world. While the show isn’t scary, the presence of ghosts and the sight of blood can be too much for some viewers.

Your preferences can vary about the story. But we all can agree that it is a great show when it comes to fashion. The fashionable dresses, skirt suits, and tops Lee Ji-Eun (IU) wears are jaw-dropping. Black, purple, neutral, shades – she looks perfect in every color.

7. Korean Fashion Drama: My Love from the Star

Jun and Kim's classy outfits in My love from the star
Jun and Kim's classy outfits in My love from the star

This amazing show made waves in 2013-14 and garnered immense appreciation. In fact, the high class kdrama netflix contributed to further spreading the Korean wave. Isn’t that great?

We know you might have already watched this fantasy rom-com. But this classic is worth binge-watching again and you can simply do that in Netflix. The enthralling series made news for its theme and acting. But its signature fashion got the most recognition.

The show depicts the story of an alien who falls in love with a Hallyu actor. Jun Ji-hyun looks exquisite in her leather jackets, coats, belts, and striped blouses, which show upperclass fashion and designer outfits. You will fall even more for Korean fashion after watching this show.

Similarly, Kim Soo-Hyun is a combination of handsome, smart, and stylish throughout this fantasy drama.

8. Kdrama Outfits in Boys over Flowers

Best kdrama outfits in Boys over Flowers
Kdrama outfits in Boys over Flowers

The list of Kdrama fashion is incomplete without Boys over Flowers. The show graced our TV screens back in 2009. But it’s still young in our minds for all the good reasons.

Back in the day, a macho man look was expected from boys and men. But this old classic set a new precedent across the country. It gets credit for promoting a soft masculine look with flowered clothing. It’s still remembered for eye-catching fashion choices.

Shot in the setting of a prestigious High School kdrama, the show became a hit across Asia in no time. Preppy style clothing attracted the young audience like nothing else. You could see pastel-colored outfits with beautiful prints in almost every shop.

9. Legend of the Blue Sea: A Timeless Classic

Legend of the Blue Sea Jun-ji-hyuns classy fashion style
Legend of the Blue Sea Jun-ji-hyuns classy fashion style

This fantasy rom-com pairs Jun Ji-Hyun with Lee Min-ho. It is an interesting story of love, rebirth, and deviousness. But the love between a mermaid and a young con artist prevails in the end.

Ji-Hyun is a beauty and her stylish and trendy clothes compliment her looks. In some scenes, she looks amazing in her laidback casual clothes. And in other scenes, she charms us with her modern fashionable outfits. This combination is a special trait of K-dramas.

Many top brands felt more than happy to sponsor the show. For instance, Jun Ji-Hyun’s on-screen character once wore a Cartier ring worth $23,900. She adorned a Stella McCartney embroidered cardigan in another scene. Moreover, you can see her in clothes and accessories by brands like Marni, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, and Michael Kors in different episodes. 

Overall, when it comes to k-drama fashion, Legend of The Blue Sea is a statement.


All in all, Korean dramas are the epitome of style and fashion. No matter which drama you watch, you’ll notice high class kdrama fashion by the main characters.

Korean entertainment industry focuses on the styling and appearance of actors. And it shows in our dramas.

Do you want to groom yourself? What about looking confident and beautiful? Then you should get inspiration from K-dramas. With so many amazing dramas, it’s easy to get fashion inspiration that suits you.

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