Real Life Squid Games: A Netflix Competition

Real Life Squid Games: A Netflix Competition

real life Squid Games, Squid Game real life

Real Life Squid Games: A Netflix Competition

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real life Squid Games, Squid Game real life

Korean dramas are making waves among international viewers. Squid Game became the top-grossing drama on Netflix soon after its launch. Did you enjoy streaming the show?

The thrilling premise with surprising scenes made it a must-watch Kdrama. You may be waiting for its season 2 like us. But we have another good news. Netflix is now bringing us real life Squid Games. Isn’t that exciting?

How Will Netflix's Real-Life Squid Game Show Work

So, the platform has announced a real-life show after blockbuster success. We don’t have much details yet about which games will be the part of the show. But the reality show is likely to follow the same pattern as Squid Game drama. Except for the killing part

The title of the show is “Squid Game: The Challenge”.

The game set will be huge too. After all, it’ll need to accommodate 456 participants. The number of participants is similar to the actual Squid Game. And the best thing is that the drama creator Hwang Don-hyuk is on board with the idea.

Brandon Riegg, the VP at Netflix shared information about the show:

“Fans of the drama series are in for a fascinating and unpredictable journey as our 456 real-world contestants navigate the biggest competition series ever, full of tension and twists, with the biggest ever cash prize at the end.”

The upcoming show may start shooting in early 2023. Also, 456 fans will participate in Squid Game real life.

Squid Games costume, Squid Game real
Korean outfits game cosplay costume in squid game

Squid Game Real Life with Record Cash Prize

After the show went on air, viewers wondered how much is 45600 million Won to USD. The prize money in Squid Game season 1 was 45.6 billion Won. This makes around $37 million in USD.

As for the Squid Game real, the reality show has awesome news. The show winner will win $4.56 million for winning all games. The Mind-blowing prize money can turn around your life. We bet you want to participate in the exciting show too!

The show will begin filming in 2023. So, producers have released details about the application process. Do you want to participate? Then go to the Squid Game casting website and fill the online form.

The reality show will begin shooting in the UK. So, participants must understand and speak English. Also, you should be older than 21 years to qualify. So, are you ready to send in your application?


Do You Qualify for Squid Game: The Challenge?

Do you have an interest in applying for Squid Game: The Challenge? Do you want to enjoy first-hand the challenge of thrilling games for the record prize money?

Then here is a quick checklist of eligibility requirements. If you meet the requirements, then go for it!

1.You are 21+ years old

2.You can speak and understand English

3.Starting early 2023, you will be available for 4 weeks

4.You can travel to specific locations with a valid passport

5.You have no previous association with Netflix or All3Media companies

6.You are not an employee of these companies. Nor should you be a relative of their employees

player 218 Squid Game, 218 Squid Games
Korean outfits number iron-on patches in squid game

Which Games Will Feature in Real Life Squid Games?

Squid Games costume was a great choice. The workers or soldiers wore red suits. Whereas participants wore green tracksuits.

So far, there are no details about games that will be part of real life Squid Games. Netflix may go with existing games. Or they may add challenging games to the show. We are waiting for an announcement from the management.

sq5 Real Life Squid Games: A Netflix Competition
Korean outfits extra long socks and shoes in squid game


Squid Game was a massive success. Thus, the show didn’t take long to become the most popular Netflix drama. Now producers are hoping to make the most of this interest of the global audience. So, they have announced real Squid Games.

This show will be similar to a reality show. Participants will get to compete in games against each other. Producers may soon announce which games will be in the show.

The actual Squid Game was a success mainly due to its thrill and unpredictability. We now look forward to real life Squid Games. So, let’s hope producers can come up with another masterpiece this time too.

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